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Dev Script - To Extract Data From App

I am looking for an app script to extract data from an app that in development. The objective is to obtain a TXT file of the orders created by the customers.
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Google Doc Expert

I have google document and would like to add one function in the google document. I will provide google doc to candidate. Please contact me if you can help me. Thanks.
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Linux C++/bash/sh Developer

Hello We need a person who experienced in following -Linux Ubuntu/RHEL -Bash/sh, partially perl, c++ experience, partially PHP -Linux kernel, GPU drivers -Linux OS overall experience 2-3+ years -JSON, SQL -Networking, tunnels Candidate has to help me build OS for mining rigs, must sign NDA.When you are applying please send me your previous work, examples or any prove of work that you know what i am talking about. Must be speaking good english and fluent russian, but not mandatory. Don't…
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Linux C++/NVML Or GO/NVML Developer

Hello We need a person who experienced in following -Linux Ubuntu/RHEL -Bash/sh partially, partially perl, c++ experience or GOlang experience at least 1-2 years -Linux kernel, GPU drivers -Linux OS overall experience 2-3+ years -Understanding hardware processes -Experience with NVML is very common Developers from India or bungladesh please DO NOT APPLY!!!! don't waste your time! Candidate has to help us build tool for managmenet NVIDIA Cards thru NVML, must sign NDA. When you are applying please send me your…
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Looking For Web Developer To Show Me How To Pull Data From A Website

Hi, I'm looking for somebody to show me how to pull my fantasy football data off of a website and compile it into a spreadsheet. I'm looking to pull all the data from the league so that I can make better trades. It seems like the data should be easy to access. If you apply, please mention the number "0287" in your response so I know you read the description above. Thanks. Look forward to speaking with you more. Thanks!
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Lucon Investments

I am a widow that suffering from coronavirus, i have inherited funds from my late husband which i want you to invest.
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Matlab Code

I need some help to apply an available Matlab code (will be shared with the freelancer) related to K-L expansion
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Make a movie out of series of photos and when ever one is interested in a particular photo a click on that photo takes in to a different movie.
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MS Power Application

I need an application to do the following Know when an email is received then to click on the rest. link then download it into a folder on one drive so for example sub: You've received an incoming SMS from +12197932156 to +19157036264: the folder title would be 12197932156 then the rest link would get downloaded into that folder.
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Neo4j Database Setup

We have an Enterprise Edition Neo4j server running on EC2 from the latest AMI. We want the following: 1. A solution to the problem stated below (ideally, a script to execute whenever we create a new EC2 that doesn't have the problem we're encountering. 2. a few lambdas: (a) back up the full db to an EC2. (b) restore; (c) copy from one db to another; (d) export a particular query to an EC2 (e) import from an EC2. If…
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Python Developer

I am lookig for a prfessional python developer now to write some script for my busniess. Please contact me if you are interested in it. Thanks.
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Scripted API Driver

I am looking for someone to create a driver for the HaasOnline desktop application. The driver should facilitate trading on the exchange. _____ Details of the project: HaasOnline is a cryptocurrency trading platform designed to automate trading. HaasOnline supports custom scripted API drivers, which allow users to trade at cryptocurrency exchanges that are not officially supported by the platform. exchange is currently not natively supported. The trading software communicates with the exchange via Websocket and API calls to…
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Slack Slack Commands And Bot To Jira And Confluence

Problem: Our users spend most of their time in Slack, our Project management tracking system is JIra Server and our Documentation system is Confluence Server Our users want to Surface information in Slack that is critical to them in order to allow them to act quickly on key systems from Slack Problem #1 There is work that should be captured in Jira as an issue but for whatever reason, an issue is never created Solution #1 Create a slack bot/slack…
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You Speak And We Pay

We are looking for speech recordings from diverse set of UK Native speakers for building a Voice Assistant Software. We will provide you the recording guidelines. A typical task will involve recording the speech by reading sentences on a mobile application or recording a free speech conversations between two parties of the same accent. We have a requirement of 200 hours. Looking for Scottish, Welsh, Northern England, West England accents. Thank You.
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Zapier Expierenced VA

Looking for a virtual assistant with experience using ZAPIER and google sheets. specifically connecting google sheets and pdf filler using zapper. and also creating pdf templates. if you are experienced with zapier and google sheets automations please contact me for this job
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