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Auto Populating Financial News Feed

I own a financial news website. We publish organic content daily. I would like to have a system that scans the web for recent news from publicly traded companies. The system would then reformat the news/copy into a pre-determined templet designed for my website. Then automatically publish on my website and or notify my writers so they can add some content/images/charts and then publish to my site.
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Blockchain Developer

Hello, I am looking for a blockchain developer. Duties: Participate in development of project Collaborate with our project leads. Track work Skills: php Javascript jQuery, Vue.js VCS Jode Python Selenium Blockhains Benefits: Bonuses & Raises & Promotions Pay according to skills, experience and work efficiency Please contact us with your resume and portfolio and we'll be in touch.
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Clean Up Scrapper In Python

I am looking for a Python developer to clean up a scrapper created recently. The developer bailed when we reviewed his work and noticed some issues and refused to fix. Our last tech job to post on Upwork. It logs into a site, grabs the bearer token then makes an APIi call to download a file and upload into our SharePoint site. We need the request updated to the correct object and field. We also need the error alert corrected.…
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Computer Programmer Specialist/simple Writing

Hello I need a freelancer who can handle specific project. If interested contact our ASST staff on telegram below: @georgegrey2
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Dev Script - To Extract Data From App

I am looking for an app script to extract data from an app that in development. The objective is to obtain a TXT file of the orders created by the customers.
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Developer For GPT-3 API Integration And Interface

Description: We are looking for a skilled developer to create a user interface for uploading Microsoft Word documents to GPT-3 through an API. The files to be uploaded will be large, with a maximum size of 5MB or more. The developer will need to be familiar with the OpenAI GPT-3 API and have experience working with large file sizes and the potential difficulties that can arise with uploading and processing them. The developer should also be familiar with token rate…
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Google Doc Expert

I have google document and would like to add one function in the google document. I will provide google doc to candidate. Please contact me if you can help me. Thanks.
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Hiring Developer

I am looking for a Developer with experience in the following areas and skillsets:. ✸ Laravel, Codeigniter, PHP, Node ✸ CSS/CSS3, Html/Html5, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery ✸ MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase ✸ 3 yrs+ experience ✸ Strong communication skills ✸ Database Modeling ✸ Statistical Computing ✸ Understanding of data models and the relationship between it and it's processes within the system ✸ AWS (EC2, CloudFront, Lambda, Load Balancing, S3, RDS, Route53) ✸ React.js, Node.js, Angular, Ionic, React Native ✸ Python, Django,…
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Linux C++/bash/sh Developer

Hello We need a person who experienced in following -Linux Ubuntu/RHEL -Bash/sh, partially perl, c++ experience, partially PHP -Linux kernel, GPU drivers -Linux OS overall experience 2-3+ years -JSON, SQL -Networking, tunnels Candidate has to help me build OS for mining rigs, must sign NDA.When you are applying please send me your previous work, examples or any prove of work that you know what i am talking about. Must be speaking good english and fluent russian, but not mandatory. Don't…
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Linux C++/NVML Or GO/NVML Developer

Hello We need a person who experienced in following -Linux Ubuntu/RHEL -Bash/sh partially, partially perl, c++ experience or GOlang experience at least 1-2 years -Linux kernel, GPU drivers -Linux OS overall experience 2-3+ years -Understanding hardware processes -Experience with NVML is very common Developers from India or bungladesh please DO NOT APPLY!!!! don't waste your time! Candidate has to help us build tool for managmenet NVIDIA Cards thru NVML, must sign NDA. When you are applying please send me your…
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Looking For Web Developer To Show Me How To Pull Data From A Website

Hi, I'm looking for somebody to show me how to pull my fantasy football data off of a website and compile it into a spreadsheet. I'm looking to pull all the data from the league so that I can make better trades. It seems like the data should be easy to access. If you apply, please mention the number "0287" in your response so I know you read the description above. Thanks. Look forward to speaking with you more. Thanks!
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Lucon Investments

I am a widow that suffering from coronavirus, i have inherited funds from my late husband which i want you to invest.
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Matlab Code

I need some help to apply an available Matlab code (will be shared with the freelancer) related to K-L expansion
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Make a movie out of series of photos and when ever one is interested in a particular photo a click on that photo takes in to a different movie.
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MS Power Application

I need an application to do the following Know when an email is received then to click on the rest. link then download it into a folder on one drive so for example sub: You've received an incoming SMS from +12197932156 to +19157036264: the folder title would be 12197932156 then the rest link would get downloaded into that folder.
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