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3D Designing And Exterior Design

I am a 2D and 3D Design Draw Home plan with complete detail and 3D designing interior and exterior designing
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3D Modeling & Rendering

We are a design company, providing a wide range of services such as interior design, restyling, drafting and rendering. At the moment we need a SketchUp modeler that also renders with V-ray. Please confirm your rates, and lead time, for this type of service based on the following assumptions: Our inputs will be: • Floor plans in meters (supplied by customer) with dimensions and exterior elevations. • Additional script or information if needed. Expected deliverables for the two rooms: Rooms…
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I am looking to hire a cad designer to do floor plans, elevations, ceiling views, 2d & 3D plans for a three bedroom residential building. I am posting this as a fixed price job, but I have no idea if the budget I posted is possible or not. I will consider applications well above the fixed price listed, if necessary. The plans also need to fulfill our County's building permit requirements, which ask for the following: Foundation plan: show dimensions…
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Altium PCB Designer

We are looking for PCB and Schematic Diagram Designer adept at using Altium Designer. Please state in your bid the complexity of the PCB designs that you have worked on, the applications that you have designed schematics for, as well as your hands-on experience in practising DFM / DFA. Begin your proposal with the word "Track". You will be expected to work along with a remote team on AEST day work hours. Your bid will be qualified according to the…
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Aquecedor De água Por Indução - Tanque 15.000 Para Criação De Peixes

Trata-se de um protótipo que terá o desenvolvimento em Belo Horizonte - MG que visa o aquecimento de tanques (diversos tamanhos) para criação de peixes no sistema intensivo de circulação de água (RAS). A existência de bactérias na água não permite um aquecimento radical, tendo que ser lento e respeitando o limite de 1ºC a cada hora. As bactérias fazem parte do processo de criação e limpeza da água. Poderá ser configurado para esquentar de forma mais rápida quando iniciado…
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Architectural Drawing

We need architectural designers who can draw a perfect house plan. We have series of projects for architects who are trust worthy and reliable to work with, we don't care if you are new in the field or not as much as you are fast and submit our project on time. You can send us a message on telegram using this telegram link
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Architecture And Civil Engineering Work

i can do structure design and architecture design.A probably all types of civil works in the other architecture designs
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Assistant Engineer

Contact based in requirements and other land surveying for any site. The earth excuvation of site work in building and road ..
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Auto Mobile

Hi I'm naseem Khan I have good knowledge Auto mobile sactor and driving tips and how to caring salf car and trucks
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I have 7 years experience on AutoCAD & I can assure you that working with me you would never get any kind of disappointments .
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AutoCAD Interior Designer

We are an interior design firm looking for a freelance AutoCAD Interior Designer. We are in need of someone to help design high-end residential and multifamily AUTOCAD drawings. We will provide the measurements, the purpose of the room, and what needs to be input for the CAD drawings. We are looking for someone who has worked on large multifamily projects before. The drawings must be architectural compliant. Candidates must have at least 5 years of experience with CAD. Candidates must…
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AutoCAD Projects

My job is to draw whatever you like in AutoCAD, so contact me if you need something about roads, bridges, canals, dams, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, structural components of buildings, and railways.
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Azure Cloud Architect - MSP

Client is a Microsoft Gold Partner that helps enterprise organizations move, operate and innovate in the Microsoft cloud: Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft O365 as well as provide proprietary Software as a Service ("SaaS") solutions. We are currently seeking an Azure Infrastructure Architect that can bring their expertise, experience and perspective to the Client team to help us prepare and pass the Microsoft Azure Expert MSP Audit and join our Cloud Team. Requirements: • 5+ years experience in infrastructure…
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BIM Manager

We ar to looking for a BIM Manager to join us on a project base and will be assigned in the Middle East. Background: Infrastructure Engineer Work in BIM ( civil 3d / navis work )
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BLIS Distance Education In Chandigarh

The BLIS Distаnсe Eduсаtiоn in Chandigarh оr the Bасhelоr оf librаry аnd infоrmаtiоn sсienсes is а multi-disсiрlinаry study issue the аssоrted fасts оf librаry mаnаgement. the seсtоr оf Librаry Sсienсes is а соmbinаtiоn оf аssоrted аlternаtive fields аnd eасh оf these fields is deрendent оn the орроsite. the аreа оf study within the BLIS Distаnсe Eduсаtiоn inсludes the соlleсtiоn оf vаried sоrts оf infоrmаtiоnаl mаteriаls like bооks, СDs. Newsletters, newsрарers, mаgаzines, аnd different роinted аdditiоnаlly аs аudiоvisuаl mаteriаl. the орроsite…
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