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(A1) Build Hybrid Mobile App Proof Of Concept

We have many of the api's already built. I need a proof of concept hybrid app built where it has to work on both Android and Apple (iOS) I need you to propose your specific language/tools I need to get the proof of concept done fairly quickly.
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I need investors in my new network marketing business, you can earn defends on your time and effort. More time mor salary can get.
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Akamai X-acf-sensor-data Header

I need someone who can write valid generator X-acf-sensor-data header with C# (generated from iOS/Android app). I also need to decode the existing X-acf-sensor-data string.(Its) I want this to work with one apps, i will give you details after you make a bid. The code must have comment to explain the function and what they do with that. Because this is for researching purpose so i need to know exactly what they do with the code.
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Android Developer

I am a professional android developer. I developed app which you want for your usage. I developed complete android app with design and other things.
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Asana Project Management Specialist

We're in need of someone to help us implement asana for customer implementation workflow templates and automations.
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Assistant Back Link SEO

Our company is currently looking for 2 freelancers to join our top SEO Team to support our Company's Campaign. We are E-commerce company who creates websites for clients and make sure their websites are on top search. Please apply if you have the knowledge of SEO. Instruction in applying will be sent upon submitting proposal for shortlisting.
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AWS Expert Familiar With R On LAMBDA

An AWS developer is responsible for setting up, maintaining, and evolving the cloud infrastructure of web applications. AWS developers are expected to understand the core AWS services and apply best practices regarding security and scalability. Responsibilities : Understand the current application infrastructure. Define and document best practices and strategies regarding application deployment and infrastructure maintenance. Skills : Experience with the core AWS services, plus the specifics mentioned in this job description. Good background in Linux/Unix administration. Past experience with the…
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Back-end Developper On Laravel 8 & Livewire Front End With Templates - French Speaker

Develop features on an existing platform developpped on Laravel 8 with LIvewire - The front-end is manage with the Metronic Template (from keenthemes editor)..
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BackEnd Developer (Middle Manager)

Backend Developer (Middle Manager) Job brief description We are looking for an experienced Back-end developer to join our IT team. You will be responsible for the server side of our web applications. If you have excellent programming skills and a passion for developing applications or improving existing ones, we would like to meet you. As a Back-end developer, you’ll work closely with our engineers to ensure system consistency and improve user experience. Ultimately, you should be able to develop and…
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Backend Developer Senior Manager

Backend Developer SM (Senior Manager) JOB DESCRIPTION: A multinational company is looking for an expert Backend Developer to join our team of highly skilled professionals. We have a professional and friendly working environment that will help you refine your skills and where you can give your best. Responsibilities : ● Must have backend and team leadership experience. ● Manage entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding and debugging ● Write clean code to develop functional web applications ● Troubleshoot and debug…
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Big Data Developer

Project is a business intelligence type of solution dealing with data from different sources: logs, site visitors, CRM lists or purchase history data, etc. An EMR based solution is used to analyze and develop person-based marketing campaigns that can be deployed to any of the media platforms. Tech stack: AWS: S3, EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, Aurora RDS, EMR DB: MySQL (using Aurora DB from AWS) Hadoop: Spark on top of AWS EMR ETL: Apache Nifi correction: AWS: S3, EC2, SQS, Aurora…
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Bigcommerce Back End Dev Needed To Integrate 2 APIs / Fast, Eastern-european Preferred

EASTERN-EUROPEAN DEV PREFERRED - The page is up and running but we need to add bank links to checkout (Paysera API). Integrate with payment gateway API x. Also need to integrate with Omniva API in order to ship the product. Please contact me for further information. Long term working relationship guaranteed if you can deliver.
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Bot Developer

We need a PHP bot developer The workflow: 1) You are getting pre define users (USERNAME + PASSWORDS) 2) The bot connects to a forum using Tor Browser. 3) Bot sending a private message with our marketing advertisement to each user who create a message. 4) Bot scans every X mins for a new message and repeat paragraph 5) The source code should be easy to read.
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Bubbles Tech

daily tech nonsense that I dont want to have to deal with that you will control and make sure the site doesnt crash and we continue to make money
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Build An Android App

1. Build an Android app from Source Code 2. Connect Amazon AWS, Deeper, Google Firebase, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc. 3. Publish the app on Google Play 4. Fix all errors 5. Upload to my server
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