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Add A Backend Feature To Existing Checkout Process. C#

There is an existing checkout and payment process implemented in .Net Core server. It consists of 2 steps (server-wise): 1. Accept order data from client (i.e. mobile frontend) 2. Produce package for client to further redirect a user to the third party payment processing page (credit card acquiring) The first step need to be improved by that before accepting order data from client the backend needs to collect and send to client contextual information about the payment to be made.…
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ASIC IP RTL/TB Development - Looking For Freshers/Junior Engineers/Freelancers

Job Description :- We are a group building high performance configurable ASIC IPs that can fit inside a variety of products ranging from low power IoT ASICs to good performance Desktop/Server ASICs. The work centers around some of the advanced areas of chip design such as Cache Coherency, Virtual Channels and traffic performances, Pipelining for high-speed data and control logic, Clock-gating and Power-gating etc. The work is in an advanced prototype stage and we plan to launch a product down…
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Barcode Integration For Products

Build barcode registry paired with a mobile app or tool that allows workers to scan products in the warehouse to insure correct product and quantity. - Integrated with existing database -Optional Panel or app to manage orders
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Bilgisayar Android Yazılım

<font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">Merhaba kızımız için onu geliştirbilecek yazılımsal manevi destek ve ögrenci üni mezunu kişiler tercihimizdir.</font></font>
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Blog Website Development

I want to blog website same as i can pay whatever you want but I my site ready in 12 days
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Bridge Laravel Auth & Routes To Legacy PHP App

Looking for an experienced Laravel developer. Previous experience integrating or converting legacy PHP apps is a plus. The Legacy Bridge would perform the following: Laravel app handles login and session management between new code and old code. Old code uses session information provided by Laravel for authentication. Laravel app handles routing wild card route passes requests through to legacy app as legacy code is converted, route is moved to new Laravel code Deliverable will be working code in a production…
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Build Software Recovery Tool Using C#

Need a quick recovery tool build using NBitcoin Library and Wasabi Wallet tools. Please see below the link to the Nbitcoin documentation and resources, along with the KeyManagerKeyManager.cs built into Wasabi Wallet. After reading through a reddit forum I can across some resources that could be make into a wallet recovery tool I got confirmation that Yes this is what the tool is made for however am not proficient using C#. Using the NBitcoin library you can do…
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Business Assistant

Hello, I'm looking for a person who can help me start business in United States. It's simple job.
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Business Offer

I want a person who'll handle an orphanages project for me, should in case you are interesting contact me for more details
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Colby UX Designer

UX designer weekly for colby only adsf asdf asdf asd fasd fas df yes i am testing this new word
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Computer/Software Engineer: Bot, Scraper, Extraction, Execution/commands, Python.

Expanding RE company is looking for individual (s) to assist with the information retrieval process. Previous experience not mandatory but helpful. Python ability a plus but other scraping platforms will be recognized. Consideration for ease of explanation, good communication, time sensitive data requests, detail oriented file format will be given. If interested please submit your qualifications. All applicants must have utmost integrity, professionalism and candor and are encouraged to apply.
Full Description of Computer/Software Engineer: bot, scraper, extraction, execution/commands, Python.

Content Moderator YouTube

Hello, i will need a content moderator for my future YouTube channel to prevent my account from potential strikes! Thanks
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Desktop Support Specialist

The Entry Level Desktop Support Specialist will provide support to end-users on a variety of IT issues, in an effective and timely manner. The successful candidate must be able to communicate and interact with both technical and non-technical users Serve as the first point of contact for employee computer-related problems Perform installations, adds, moves, and changes for PCs, monitors, printers and related peripherals Setup, install, patch and deploy Window-based computers Help troubleshoot: computers, VoIP telephone systems, and wireless network Password…
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Develop Australian Subtitles / Closed Captions Into Android Exoplayer And Merged Into Main Project O

If you are interested in this project, please provide specific details on approach and proposed solution. We require the integration of the Australian Subtitles into the the Android Exoplayer project. The code must be developed in accordance with the guidelines for the project. The final code must be merged into the main project including the demo app. See for a discussion of the enhancement request. TS dumps are also available in the above issue for testing. We can…
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Developer For ICO

I need a Python Ethereum developer for making an ICO for an IA and IPC development platform in pur company.
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