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ABAP - Create Webservice With One Parameter To Receive Xml And Return One Parameter With Xml

( Only send proposal if you are ABAP Consultant )Hi experts,I am looking for a ABAP Developer to create aWebservice to receive a unique parameter, in this paramerer i need to receive a xml, for example:''10001100'250000.00'then later i need to read the nodes of the xml.( The xml has many tags ).Later, I need to return a uniqueparameter too, it will be a xml too. Innitialy we can test with a xml with a simple data. The most important is…
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ABAP - Publish WebService To Receive One Parameter Xml Structure And Return One Paremeter

Hi everybody,I need to develop a Webservice to receive one parameter, it will be a xml structure, then later i need to read the nodes of the xml. Then, I need to return one parameter too, it will be a xml structure too.I am looking for a ABAP with experience in this item, because I need the solution. I need a responsable person.Send me your proposal with your rate by hourif you are interested and you have experience about itThanks…
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Amazon Affiliate Site

Can you set up great looking affiliate sites, WP based? Read to the end before applying please.I am looking for someone experienced in setting up Affiliate Websites - configuring WP themes and plugins for Amazon affiliate sites. I am not looking for someone to try to sell me a custom coded theme.Content, etc will be supplied, I am wanting someone who is a fast, diligent worker who can put these sites together for me, then ensure the content is uploaded…
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Customize An Existing Website And Mobile Application

Looking for Wellexperienced Web and mobile application developers & Designers with adequate knowledge in Php, Yii Frame work ,API development & Mysql Database, HTML5 ,Ui/UX ,xml & Android Studio to Customize our existing websiteDevelopers with ERP Solutions knowledge will be an added advantage
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Dynamic And Responsive Website For Visa And Passport Services

Brief:Hey! Can you make website thatwhen someone fill-ups the form then I get filled form in email in .xml formatDesign Preferences:i.e. ( ( ( ( pages: 77Preferred Customizations: normalCustom Banners for Homepage slider needed? = 5Custom Illustrations/Icons? NoTechnology Preferences: LAMP Stack (PHP), MEAN Stack (AngularJS + ExpressJS + NodeJS)
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Edamam Recipe Importer

I want to replicate or perhaps extend with better recognition of the detail fields like quantity, ingredient, etc., and to feed the data optimally into one or more of the most popularWP Reciple Plugins, especilly WP Ultimate Recipe, Recipe Maker or Create by Mediavine.It looks like the code sample at enough to convert the textual recipes into the XML format that one of the plugins imports.Please send me something that shows me that you understand the assignment.
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[Full Time Job] Java Developer [Delhi/NCR Only]

THIS IS A FULL TIME JOB OPPORTUNITY, NOT A FREELANCE PROJECT...ONLY INTERESTED CANDIDATES WILLING TO REALLOCATE/RESIDING IN DELHI/NCR (INDIA) SHOULD APPLYWe are an IoT venture who are using their proprietary technologies exclusive products for fintech & banking sector. We just received funding for our startup from big names in the industry and are on track to becoming the next big thing. Apart from capital, we have been awarded by NASSCOM at their Centre of Excellence for IoT, where we have…
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Machine Learning And NLP Project

The task here is to come up with a prototype of a machine learning system for translating statistical data (data that is already pre-processed for data visualization) into Natural language descriptions. Given its recent popularity, a system based on Tensorflow is preferred.Initially, the prototype will focus on one or two types of statistical data: Financial data (such as stock market data) and weather data (such as a weather forecast).The task here is NOT to parse through and analyze large datasets.…
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Odoo Online Credit Card Payment

We have an agrement a bank named Kuveyt Turk. They providesus virtual pos. That means online credit card payment over web service. Wesimply call a web service with its parameters. We want to use this virtual pos in our odoo e-commerce site.Please check attached document and sample codes.We want our customers to shop online with credit card in our odoo e-commerce site. Our contracted bank provides an xml service for online payment. First of all, you have to add the…
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Python Scripting For Data Conversion

data conversion from xml/json/.csv files into postgresql database based on business rules and then further converting the data into another form of xml. to further run the scripts on weekly basis towards data delivery. (ongoing project).
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UI Design Using As3 Mxml

I have an existing app in dot net then needs to be ported to Adobe AIR app. Only the UI skeleton has to be implemented as dockable windows. Attached is the screenshot of the app which has to be designed in adobe air. The project should be in developed in flashdevelop with "as3 projector" for windows platform. Attached is the screen flow of the existing app.If you feel the quoted price is less, please send your quote.
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Use Xsl To Convert Html To WordprocessingML

- to write a xsl file to convert html to wordprocessingML- html will be embedded with css n base64 image- I have a C# program already to export docx from wordprocessingML. you only need to provide a conversion xsl file.- the outlook of the html and the docxshould be same
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XPath Selector For HTML

HiI need to writean XPath selector for HTML header node "Lista promowanych ofert" on Allegro listing page. Allegro is polish page something like aliexpress.comLink with picture below: recources: another task is :Write a vanilla JS that removes HTML header node "Lista promowanych ofert" from DOMWrite an element selector and remove element from DOM.Regards
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