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Logo Design

Looking for someone to create a professional looking logo that balances both creativity but also the sleekness of a law firm type feel....Read Full Description

Individual presentation POWER POINT

Individual presentation 21TH DEADLINE I CAN PROVIDE THE AssignmenT TO CHECK AND DONE THE PRESENTATION FOR MY ESSAY Assignment description Create a five-minute PowerPoint presentation that gives an accurate reflection of your individual report. You must include the following in your slides 1. Demonstrate your understanding of marketing concepts used in your report 2. Illustrate, with examples, consumer buying decision-making for Polo Ralph Lauren women’s ...Read Full Description

BTC Crypto trader requires

Hi, I'm looking for Crypto traders how can able to day trade. Fresh candidates can also apply. There is a 40+ word load availability on weekly basis. You will get Coins price + Commission, So apply if you're interester and willing to work with long term with us. Thanks...Read Full Description

Professional Content Writer Required

Any professional content writer should already be conversant with the expression ''Content is king''. This is, a common phrase that has gained popularity over time. However, to ensure any content captures the aspirations of the intended audience, such content must be localized for such audience. For instance, content geared towards millennials should contain lingo that's unique to this age bracket. Also, SEO techniques should be incorporated into such writ...Read Full Description

Content Writer

Content is king, a common phrase that has gained popularity over time. However, to ensure the content captures the aspirations of the intended audience, it must be localized for such audience. For instance, content geared towards millennials should contain lingo that's unique to this age bracket. Also, SEO techniques should be incorporated into such writing to make the content discoverable by search engines. We are looking for a writer that can help us mak...Read Full Description

Case Study 600 words

Case study 600 words Foundation year in London 20% maximum plagiarism deadline 21th november We can choose any business from London i attached the brief...Read Full Description

Study and Research Skills-Artificial intelligence

Study and Research Skills Topic: Artificial intelligence 2000 words Deadline 21th november I attached the Assessment Brief ,please check. I looking for people who send the work on time.Thank you! Foundation year London ,Pass Level...Read Full Description

Android Coding Project

Need an android developer who will develop an application for me. This application (such as a weather or any other simple application) will be placed on Google Play. Once installed on the customer's phone, it will then load another apk from a URL encoded in the first apk. Remaining details will be discussed in private....Read Full Description


The ideal candidate will have experience working in a fast-paced e-commerce environment. Join the team today and we’ll provide you an iMac to work from the comfort of your home and train you to be a successful Apple At Home Specialist. So when you speak to customers, you are not just providing solutions, you deliver the Apple Experience. Key Qualifications: •1-2 years proven track record in Sales or Customer Service; •Excellent communication (spoken ...Read Full Description

Study and Research Skills

Study and Research Skills 2000 words 5 days deadline For London University Check the Assessment Brief please I looking for people who will send the work on time and no plagiarism please...Read Full Description

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Poster Designer

Design a poster about "Building sustainable village in the UAE" , the freelance should put images related to the topic. The problem statement and all other stuff is included in additional files....Read Full Description

Photoshop a part of my face onto another face

I want to have a portion of my face photoshopped onto another persons face, so that it looks like it's my face....Read Full Description

logo para restaurante

Necesito que diseñen un logo para restaurante de comida mexicana...Read Full Description

Logo Needed

Need new logo for Structural Engineering Company named PE Square Engineering. Colors, Red, Black and White...Read Full Description

A dogs' mind

i need this app because i´m starting a YouTube channel and i´m going to be a animator. So to animate i was really hoping to use this app....Read Full Description

Create a Tshirt Design from logo and attached -images

Need a t-shirt design using the clients logo and 1 or 2 of the images attached. I would like a design done professionally so I can see the design on shirt template for example. Want someone with experience because I'm going to have more work following this task if we get this right....Read Full Description

Copy the FREELANCER website

I need you to design and build a copy of Freelancer....Read Full Description

build a website

A website for business real estate broker. The site contains a list of all active . Each link points to description and pictures of the product (restaurant or land ) for sale . Potentially a youtube video for each item would be ideal....Read Full Description

Build a new/re-hab existing website with blog

Looking for someone to update or re-build our website, making it current, state of the art, user friendly,etc all to help drive our business in a positive and productive way.We would like to add photos and videos often. Would like to post articles or a blog regularly as well....Read Full Description

Circular iterative CORDIC using Dual Fixed Point Arithmetic

I have a Circular iterative CORDIC using Fixed-Point​ Arithmetic. code that I would like to change to Dual Fixed Point code in VHDL/ Vivado...Read Full Description

Data Entry

This job entails simply taking the names and addresses off of a court document in a pdf file and inputting them into an excel spreadsheet for a mail merge. It is important that the names and addresses be entered in the correct column.Thanks...Read Full Description


Hi somebody can help me to find a company name? Its Telemarketing, i want so symbolise something like Elite, Winners, phoners, call, pro, are they someone who is specielts to find company name, i will give 30 dollar for a good idea who can help....Read Full Description

US clients only - Research task daily - 20/11/2018

I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Data Entry and Internet Research. Should have time and its a simple job, I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my maximum budget is $30 USD. Job is to use the given keywords and research via Google daily 2 times for 30 days. It will just take 5 minutes of your time daily. Its easy and no fixed time constrains. Please do not bid if your rates are higher per hour....Read Full Description

product engineering drawings and CAD file

Take existing product and develop engineering drawings that will include revisions to existing product. Finished drawings will be for manufacturing of product and will include CAD files...Read Full Description

Msp430 help

I need help with msp430 project I'm doing by myself...Read Full Description

Research Writing - Anthropology Blog

Research work for an anthropology blog. Must meet high editorial standards. Approx. 3.5 single-spaced pages Timeline: 12 hoursBudget: $20...Read Full Description

A Brand Review

Up-to-date 2017/2018 information and analysis [login to view URL] (Trends should be specific and recent)[login to view URL]’S 5 FORCES [login to view URL] & STRATEGY [login to view URL] & VISION [login to view URL] PORTER’S GENERIC STRATEGIES [login to view URL] [login to view URL] OF THE TARGET MARKET [login to view URL] STRATEGY[login to view URL] - PRICE- PLACE- PROMOTION ( DRIP model)Maximum of 38 slides (with intro & title slide) with...Read Full Description

In-store signage, marketing promotion flyer, email edit & design

editing and design for promotion email (Mailchimp), in-store signage, flyer and website signage as well. I will provide first draft content and some photographs, and I need help to make them looks nice and ready to print or post on website/email list...Read Full Description

Design a Logo-4

We need someone to design a logo for an online Institute. Our name will be "Iqraa Institute". The institute will be specialized in reading and teaching Quran(the holy book for muslims). To use the Arabic language letters is fine and to blend the Arabic language with English in the logo is fine. We need a visionary creative artist to build on them or create an entirely new outstanding design idea. For the final submission we will kindly need the d...Read Full Description


animate the logo in the description.simpleprofessionalneatHQILLUSTRATOR AI FILE HAS WATER MARK! REMOVE WATERMARK BEFORE ANIMATION!!!...Read Full Description

Website update & Marketing postcard update

I am a contract bookkeeper. I help small businesses keep track of their finances so they can file their taxes on time. I need a more sophisticated website and an update to my post card mail-out....Read Full Description

mejora de un sitio web con apps

Con tecnologías ruby on rails, angularjs, mysql e ionic, mejorar un portal web actual...Read Full Description

Video Editing (Action sports)

Video editing required. Able to take existing content and develop a 2 to 4 minute video (HD). Experience with skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing footage would be an asset.Experience with Final Cut ProPlease include examples of your work....Read Full Description

Cuda c code to make image classification using a neural network.

Cuda c code with c kernels​ to make image classification using a neural network....Read Full Description

Calling/Qualifying leads!

I need some help with selling something. I need help qualifying leads, and following a script!...Read Full Description

React JS Expert neede

I have few tasks in JIRA board that I am unable to figure out the solution. These are small IRs.Currently i have two tasks that needs fix immediately. You may need experience on React and redux forms to do these tasks. I cant send you the code, so we need to fix them over webex only.my budget for just these two tasks is 40USD....Read Full Description

One Product E-Commerce Web Site

One Product E-Commerce Web Site. I am leaning towards Stripe for Payment integration....Read Full Description

fix paypal api on website

I have paypal integrated into our website but no receive an error message when passing the data to paypal - Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.=AMOUNT_ERROR&mfid...Read Full Description

Mobile App

We need to build an mobile application with feature to input data (nearly 200 fields) and images( with different categorizes). The data and images should store with in the Mobile app with encryption. With single input ( predefined number or any other ways) only required information or/and image should displayed rather than going to all the information and documents....Read Full Description

Game Design

Create a rpg ,fps or tps shooting game with 2 levels minimum using unity 3d...Read Full Description

monitorear red con nagios

Necesito instalar un nagios en una raspberry pi 2...Read Full Description

LXD 3.0.3 network configuration expert needed

I'm looking for an expert who can help me to setup the proper network configuration for access to and from the Internet of an LXD container in a routed setup.The routed setup is important, because for use in the containers I have an IPv4/29 subnet routed to the physical network interface of my host. Since the use of a bridge will expose the containers MAC address to the physical interface, my ISP does not allow this configuration for security reasons...Read Full Description

Certificado Desarollador IOS

Buenas, tengo mi aplicación listo para generar el IPA, el problema es que necesito que esta tenga notificaciones de firebase y no tengo una cuenta de desarrollador. Necesitaría alguien que me ayude con ello, gracias....Read Full Description

Villa Interior Design

I need a nice design, whether modern or classic, for a 2 floor 600sqm2 Andalusian villa. The following are important to consider:* the drawings of the villa are in Arabic language, however I will he translating anything needed 1. False cieling design [login to view URL] design[login to view URL] and wall cladding[login to view URL] and tiling design[login to view URL] play out[login to view URL]' design [login to view URL] featers design [login to vie...Read Full Description

want to create an online store

I need a new website. I need you to design and build my online store. I have an example of a site...Read Full Description

Shopify Store Using Printful and Printify apps.

I am looking for someone with experience with Printful or Printify to helpme build a store to sell my designs on products.Please only respond if you have experience with using Prinful or Printifyin this type of store.I have a store type already found. I have a Logo. I have a Banner. I also have a very detailed site map and site menu already built.I am looking for someone with experience to build this store and createfull functionality by loading the first...Read Full Description

Recreate logo in Adobe Illustrator

Hi,I am looking to recreate a logo in adobe illustrator, with some minor scale changes. I have the original graphic in png format already so should be a quick and easy one!...Read Full Description

Motion Graphic

I am looking for someone to help with a motion graphic project. Knowledge of Adobe Illustrator / After Effects is mandatory. I need to recreate a movie scene in the span of 10 seconds. The scene is from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I need a house, a car, and 2 stick figurines inside the car with a cloudy sky. As they fly through the sky, they fly into a cloud and disappear. The final scene makes the cloud disperse, with letters spelling out &qu...Read Full Description

Make a security website budget is $40 simple website

looking for a professional guy who can make WordPress website budget is $40 so please see the project before bid previous website link [login to view URL]Require in 2 days...Read Full Description

make changes in existing design 1 hour

make changes in existing design small fixes urgent...Read Full Description

Improve a website

It is an emergency medicine conference website. It will be 4-6 February, 2019.The Website was created with most of the essentials are already included. It is still not live and considered under-constructions. It needs an artistic touch and some improvement. [login to view URL]...Read Full Description