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A Video Editor That Can Speak Malay Bahasa Malayu

Hello. I have a company in NewYork that does video production and we have a client from Malaysia coming in and we need an video editor who can speakMalay (Bahasa Malayu). If this is you or you know someone I would very much appreciate hearing from you.
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Actor Or News Presenter Needed is astart-up company providing coverage of major football-related news on a dailybasis. We are planning to start our own daily show and so we are looking for anactor or a video producer!Daily show:- Discussing various football topics in front of a camera inan interesting way- 3-5 minute long video used on our website and social mediaplatforms- 5 videos a weekRequirements:- Vast football knowledge- Advanced English language and presentation skills- Own/Access to a mini studio (green screen, lighting,camera, microphone)The details…
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Asst Strategic Specalist

The Assistant Strategic Specialist will assist in all graphic design, video, animation, and other creative projects as assigned, that are brought to Strategic Solutions and the Budget Management Department. Duties and Responsibilities: Works with Strategic Solutions team to maximize quality, producing content from concept to completion. Assists members of the Strategic Solutions team with various creative and administrative projects. Creates graphic design of publications (brochures, pamphlets, posters) for the County. Creates customizable templates that can be used for multiple purposes;…
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Create An Animated Video Of 8-to-10 Minutes Duration With Voiceover For A Healthcare Product

We need to create an engaging video (of 8-to-10 minutes duration) for a software service being targetted to doctors for practice management. The idea is to have a feature explained in the context of real-world setup. For instance if our product is solving problem of booking appointment, then, we'll show context as receptionist/patients discussing about and using the product features. So it'll require:1. motion graphics/animated characters (different genders/ages)2. real-world like scenes of a clinical setup3. audio conversationsWe shall provide a…
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Creating A Video For Our Company

Cuckoo India, we are the company of home appliances. we want to create a demo video for our product such as water/air purifiers. The video will be on bulk like 10-11 videos for now and the work once appreciated by the seniors the project can be extended.
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Director/Editor (Part Time) For YouTube Channel Creation

ABOUT LIVEGLAM: LiveGlam inspires beauty enthusiasts by creating and curating monthly makeup products that work for them. We pride ourselves on keeping animals and your wallets happy. Founded in 2016 in the City of Angels, we are now a global team with a leadership group that’s predominantly female. From humble beginnings our #LiveGlamFam has grown significantly in 2 short years with 50+ team members, 2MM social media followers and 10MM+ products shipped. And our lipstick hasn't even started drying yet.…
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Edit Video For YouTube

Hey There,I would like you to edit a video for my youtube channel: cut all the mmms and ammms. Add the background music, some funny gifs (1-2 enough), also share the screen recording from my phone and laptop, where I am saying I will show you on my screen (please see how I did it in the previous videos).I need a video max 10 mins long.Please access the link with files
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I Need A Freelancer Or Studio To Film And Edit Multiple Videos In Zagreb During A 4 Month Period.

The project will last 4 months. It will consist of: 1) Filming videos in physical locations in Zagreb.2)Editing those same videos and producing the final videoThe videos will cover a broad range of self-development topics.Requirements: Live in Zagreb or surroundings. Speak and understand English.As you will supply your own equipment, there are no requirements regarding the tools/ equipment or programmes you use, as long as you can create quality videos with it.In case you do not have your own equipment,…
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I Need Freelancer Who Can Write Content For Blogs Related To Video Marketing

We are a video production company ( based in Bangalore, India.We are now looking for a high spirited freelance content writer capable of producing high-quality content for our marketing efforts.No. of Blogs per month: 10 ~ 12No. of Words: 1500 ~ 2500Topic: Video Marketing(Primary) & Digital Marketing(Secondary)Reference: will be providing the topics and a small description of the context.What Will Make You a Good Fit- Outstanding writing skills, communication skill, grammatical ability, and an ability to give attention to detail.-…
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Looking For An Individual Experienced In Video Production For Companies

My organisation is looking for someone who can develop a company/marketing video. This person would be required to use their experience to make additions/corrections/adaptions to an existing basic script and concept to create a video that effectively markets the company and its flagship product. The video will be displayed prominently on the company website as well as on social media (specifically facebook)
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Looking For Videographer In Selangor

Our company is looking for a talented videographer to film our customers for case studies/testimonials.You should be personable and able to direct the customer and create a warm inviting scene for filming.Please indicate your experience filming and directing users on camera?
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Md Baha Uddin Munna

need to create a selling video 15 seconds, the video that I threw, you can see there the idea for the product as well as the site the product itself luno mini 2 Resolution Video size for Instagram Stories is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The ideal aspect ratio is 9:16 with inscriptions pop up "Sale -70%" "Free Shipping" I need a video before 00-00 today
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Music Video Of My Recent Song

I want to make a music video of my recent bollywood song, Video Duration max 5 mins. We can shoot it outdoor location is in noida or NCR . I need a Person who can shoot a video and can edit the video .
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Need Video Ads For Business Or Business Promo Videos

We need creative videos to promote our business. Please send demo videos while sending your proposal. The videos should have variety or shouldn't be of one type (For e.g. whiteboard, animation etc.)
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Need Video Creative

need to create a selling video 15 seconds Resolution Video size for Instagram Stories is 1080 x 1920 pixels. The ideal aspect ratio is 9:16 with inscriptions pop up "Sale -70%" "Free Shipping" I need a video before 00-00 today
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