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The Project Is To Be Done In Quartis Prime Software In Verilog Language

Report- 5000Deadline- 27th September================================================NOTE-I want the game to be basic tetris.The project is to be done in quartis prime software in verilog language .v files.You should have used shematic in quartus files whilemaking the project. The board is cyclone v deo cv.Do not make it on a wrong board.The report should be very detailed fufllfing every requirement of the project. The project is to be done in accordance with coarse content only. I will share all the material with you.i…
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Vhdl And FPGA Development

Hello, this is the task:"first task will be to use the xtal oscillator board that I designed and that works, together with the FPGA to read the GPS data and then synchronise the 40 MHz Voltage Controlled Xtal oscillator to the 1 second pulse produced by the GPS. That is called a frequency loacked loop. We will talk about the details of that on Monday.I have attached the schematic for the PCB of the board you have. U3 is a…
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Zynq 7020 Schematics Verification

Schematics checking-Zynq7020 connection-1GB RAM on PL (For post post process)-1GB RAM on PS-Network PHY RTL8211E-VL-USB PHYUSB3320-Run and Boot OS Via QSPIMT25QL256ABA-SD Card-Check on the power regulator boot up sequence.Suggesting- where and which bank/emio to connect the SFP fiber optic. Prefer no using additional dedicated PHY. SGMII will be great.Components value checking
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