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Content Marketing Specialist

We are currently in need of a Content Marketing Specialist who can work part time during US Hours. Roles for this position: • Responsible for creating content / buzz words that will help attract traffics • Responsible for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) • Responsible for engaging internet users to get help statistics and leads • Liaises and works effectively with other staff members to generate sales for our clients In your proposal, please provide links or attach samples of previous…
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Data Scientist

Responsibilities Provide practical and technical expertise in the design and execution of Data Science solutions Design sampling strategies that reflect the goals of the project Monitor and assess model performance in production Translate model prediction and statistics into strategies and metrics that are valued and understood by business executives Apply new modeling techniques and research ideas to develop and deploy practical, innovative modeling solutions Successfully balance R&D, product improvements and customer engagements in an agile environment Minimum Qualifications Bachelor’s degree…
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I Need Experience PHP Developer To Customize The Storage Web Application

I need experience PHP developer to customize the module in existing storage web applicationFollowing Task need to be completed1.Sorting(currently uploadsautomaticallyaccordingtonameoffolder, change to according to number first)2. Copy and Move folders from one place to other3.The Indexfunctiononlyworksforall Uploads.Wemustbeabletocreatean Indexforeachproject. Indexshouldalsoshowallthedocumentsinthefoldersand mustbedownloadableinword/pdf.4.User Preference (1. Add Download Files and 2. AddView Files)5. Watermark (Currently logo is displayed only in middle it should be in running position over entire document)6.portrait/landscapeformatshould bedisplayedcorrectly7. Design 7.1Add LOGO topright 7.2Usedarkblueforcurrentboxes 7.3Add Textinsteadof„Administration“:(Text will be provided)8. 3 User type…
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I Need Experience PHP Developer To Customize Web Application

I need experience PHP developer to customize the module in existing storage web applicationFollowing Task need to be completed1. Copy and Move folders from one place to other2.The Indexfunctiononlyworksforall Uploads.Wemustbeabletocreatean Indexforeachproject. Indexshouldalsoshowallthedocumentsinthefoldersand mustbedownloadableinword/pdf. - I will explain3. When files are clicked then details are stored in statisticsStart asapDuration 7 daysThere is no database, data stored in JSON format
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Looking For BI Specialist For 2 Months Assignment

Position: BI Specialist Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree/BI certifications desirable Experience: 2-3 years Location: Pune Skills: BI, Excel, SQL Responsibilities: 1. Develop effective business intelligence strategies & analytics solutions. 2. Identify trends & opportunities for growth through analysis of complex data sets 3. Apply statistics & data modeling to gain actionable business insights & create comprehensive reports 4. Collect, clean & transform data from internal operating sources for Business Intelligence. 5. Overhaul & transform Excel reports & seek to automate & leverage…
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Machine Learning Scientist

We are a machine learning consulting company ( We are looking for an experienced remote team member who is interested in a per project commitment that may expand to full time later.You will be working with a team of professionals lead by PhDs. Ideal candidates will have this profile:- expert in data wrangling and using tools for large-scale data exploration- proven track record of ML usage in industrial settings, i.e., how to translate business opportunities to ML problems and how…
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Market Research Project Manager

POSITION OVERVIEW: The Senior Market Research Project Manager is responsible for completing research projects from start to finish and providing actionable insights to help our clients position themselves and their products better in the marketplace. Methodologies include quantitative (online, phone fieldwork) and qualitative (in-depth interviews, focus groups) research. This position requires an ability to organize large amounts of information, understand the story that the data is telling, and the ability to work on multiple projects at once with great attention…
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PRoduct Data Analyst

Responsibilities Use data and analytics to routinely answer questions on user behavior, including ad-hoc questions, project support, and trend investigation Routinely monitor product, financial, marketing, community, and trust & safety metrics for trends, changes, or unexpected behavior Own investigation and communication of any trends to identify root cause and recommend appropriate follow up actions Translate metrics, investigations, and findings to tangible business outcomes, such as shifts in real member behavior Provide recommendations on approach to answer ad-hoc analytics questions, as…
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Quantitative Analysis

Position Summary The Quantitative Analyst measures correctly, analyzes thoroughly, and communicates clearly exposure levels and allocation risks to the Chief Compliance Officer. This position requires a strong quantitative background with accountability in the areas of financial due diligence, asset allocation and analysis, performance measurement, data analysis, risk management, economic analysis, and asset allocation. Promoting Legato’s core values and mission are critical components of this role. Essential Duties and Responsibilities This job description is not designed to cover or contain a…
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Research Associate

The Opportunity: We’re actively looking to recruit an Associate with 0-3 years of experience who, among other things, can support the team in all aspects of client work -- from data collection and analysis to identifying insights and shaping a compelling story grounded in what we learned. This position, based in New York City, requires a strong interest in digital, analytics, secondary research, and quantitative and qualitative research, a natural curiosity, an eagerness to dive into the deep end, and…
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SPSS And Data Analyst

Hello,We are looking for someone with a science background experienced in quantitative methods, SPSS and statistics to analyze data of research papers and dissertations. We expect you to be reliable and focused on meeting deadlines and maintaining communication in English. We offer interesting science related topics, good pay depending on the article difficulty, length, and quality and full support (we as well as the student will provide you with instructions on how to complete the task)
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Stata Programming, Help With Executing Commands With Indications On A Document

I am looking for an expert in the use of STATA to execute some commands. The necessary documents are of course provided by me and are in French.Je suis à la recherche d'un expert dans l'utilisation de STATA pour exécuter certaines commandes. Les documents nécessaires sont bien sûr fournis par moi et sont en français.Ich bin auf der Suche nach einem Experten in der Benutzung von STATA um einige Befehle auszuführen. Die nötigen Dokumente werden selbstverständlich von mir zur Verfügung…
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Statistical Programing Regression Analysis

I need someone with experience In Mathematics, statistics, and programmingto help write a program, with a user interface, that will run regression analysison input data, and then use that information to make decisions based on twopoints entered. This will require an NDA to work on this project. Will need to beable to speak by phone as well.
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Thesis In Psychology Proofreading

I'm looking for someone who can check my master thesis (around 40 pages main text).I would appreciate people with statisticalknowhow to check my presentation of the results and my limitations.I would expect a detailed check of the thesis compared to the guidelines (i will send them to you) + tips how to do it better.Subject: PsychologyDeadline 23.05.2019
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Write A R Script For Statistic Analyses 15min Work

In the AER library there is a dataset called "CreditCard": Cross-section data on the credit history fora sample of applicants for a type of credit card. This data contains 1319 observations on 12 variablesUse this dataset to analyse the determinants of the success of a credit card application. Which model:LPM, probit or logit would you choose and why? Compare the models in terms of the share of correctpredictions. In addition, use this dataset to analyse the determinants of the average…
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