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Hand Written Scripts Detection System Using Raspberry Pi

i will browse photo of hand written page in Chinese , japanese pportugesearabic vietnamese , thai, malay, sinhala language.. i wil write only 1 or 2 lines in that page but multi language can used, system detect its script and show script name. i need project in raspberry pi.
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Raspberry Pi Based Weighing System

Project:- Industrial Weighing SystemHardware:- Raspberry Pi, High Precision AD/DA converter,3.5" HMIBasically It is for replacement of existing hardware based on Intel 8051 microcontroller with Rasp Pi based system.
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Raspberry Pi With Sensor And Web

Hello,The Hardwares Will be:1. Raspberry Pi2. 5" Touch Screen LCD3. DHT22 Sensor for Temperature & Humidity4. Omron D6F-PH Series Differential Pressure Sensor5. A Windows PC with MSSQL serverThe Raspberry Pi, LCD and sensors will be mounted in a single unit. There will be many such units, All units will be interconnected through Ethernet (Using Switch).The Windows PC will also be connected to the Pi's Network (we will call it as server).> The LCD on Pi should show the real time…
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SDL2 Queue Management System Rendering Fonts And Texts

developing languages: PythonHere is what a Queue Management sytem (QMS) is if you don't know it: SDL2 bindings: need to create an app with sdl2 to use it on Raspbian running outside startixand be free in the future to use it on other linux operating systems.The app is a Queue Management System that works in this way:1) at the start it show the number 002) right arrowkey: grow the number of one step, so for exampe ->1 -> 2 ->…
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Vending Machine Remote Monitoring & Control

We have an IoT project to provide remote monitoring & management of vending machines.We are looking for an engineer who will forward the requests from the IoT platform to the machine using the card below.
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Web Application To Plot The Motor Vibration 2D

Develop following PoC program.- Read csv data file- Plot the data using open source web based plotting tool (Pls propose a OSS).- Graph 1: bar-chart with high and low indicatior- Graph 2: 2D line graph with high indicatorWeb based application. Light application to run on raspberry pi. After this PoC, we'll order full package development.
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