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$200 Web Design & Development -- 2

20 Pages Membership Website. Create using PHP, MySQL. No wordpress.Plugins includes as Paypal, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Youtube.SEO is a must!20 pages + back end + front end. Automatic content upload + Sign-Up Plug-In which includes:Admin does NOT have to approve each new member BUT allows a site administrator to approve/disapprove a userability to use system at anytime. Restrict New Users by Domain this means, Whitelist or Blacklist email domains used for new user registration.In addition to any…
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A Program To Look Up Images Quickly

'a programthat automatically looks for images on specific websites and transfers these in our webshop'so we have a webshop for which we currently have a contest running to make the lay-out of this better and improve sales. One of the things wasting lots of time is the search for images, since every item we put in the system gets a unique ID nr, and the image is linked to this nr. so every item that comes in, needs to get…
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Add Theme Prestashop 1.7.5., Fix Some Bug And Change Invoice.pdf

Ciao, ho un e-commerce in PRestashop 1.7.5. e ho bisogno di:1) Cambia tema e rimetti il logo e le altre parti per il nuovo tema2) aggiungi alcuni campi in Invoice.pdf (aggiungi note cliente, aggiungi il testo FATTURA se i clienti mi chiedono la fattura mentre effettuano e ordinano ...3) correzione bug ... Ho un modulo che non è compatibile con un altro modulo ... Ho acquistato un modulo per aggiungere un sovrapprezzo in percentuale ma va in confusione con altro…
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Compatibilità Moduli Prestashop 1.7.5

buonasera, vi contatti per sistemare il mio sito Prestashop 1.7.5. ( ) ovvero gli acquisti dei pacchetti per le versioni 1.7.5 tra i quali: 1) modifica ordini avanzato, 2) unione ordini 3) supplemento per pagamento a mezzo paypal. Quando li installo tutti in guerra tra loro e altri sono inutilizzabili. vi chiedo comunque un preventivo per la sistemazione. Inoltre ho delle problematiche sul sito ... ovvero anche settando bene le forme di pagamento e di spedizione non mi impegno come…
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CSV File Test , An Explanation If It Is Correct And Which Platform It Belongs To,

Hello everyone, i want to make a test of the demo file CSV with 5-7 products exported from an Presta SHop platform if it is correct. (if the file is correct send to us the print screan)Give us the information for which platform is compatible, if is possible to be convertet send step by step the procedure of convert in woocomerce word press.
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Customize Prestashop Layout

brief: layout is instaled , hiérvete i need to customize some stuff, for example log in with Facebook or othersocial net, configlocalization and translations , things like thisDesign Preferences:Change prestashoplayoutTechnology Preferences:prstashop +
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E-Commerce Web Design

We have recently just setup our first e-commerce website using Pretsa but I am not happy with the design at all. I am looking for a clean cut, edgy and very striking site to influence the consumer to purchase our products. We are in the beauty industry, to be more specific we distribute nail products from the U.S.
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ECommerece Project For Retails

please findbelow requirements.========Person has skills in leading eCommerece company base on kuwait providing quality branded products in fashion, home& kitchen ,Furniture, and marbles. The company is looking for a qualified ASP. Net web developer /application ( android, apple IOS ) with solid eCommerece platform experience such as prestashop and magento.Job responsibilities/ key results areas- to develop, enhance and support end to end eCommerece system- payment gate integration-integration with external systems for product, invoice and accounting feeds-day to day website operation…
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Full-stack US-based Developer For Our Ecommerce Website

We're looking to hire someone who is familiar with Ecommerce site development using Shopify. Hopefully to work with US-based developer and this will be a long term relationship.Looking forward to hearing from you.Best
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I Have Art Work That I Would Like To Print On T Shirt.

brief: I plan to sell T-shirts online with original works from artist. I plan to sell 100 t shirts a monthDesign Preferences:Take the art work and digitize and make it presentable on tahirts
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I Would Like To Develop One Page Internal Web Page For DistributorsStock Availability And Activitie

Brief:Need to publish daily stock report and Reserved Stock for Distributors/Marketing team everything is internally, Every day concern will upload Stock.Design Preferences:Maximum 2 PageTechnology Preferences:Wordpress, Internal use for 1 st year.User Features:Login AccessGrid/List View DisplayStock to be upload every day.It must be very simple and get right information.Stock report Finished.Raw Material also.Admin Features:Inventory ManagementAdmin Stats DashboardExpecting small two page website for Internal, I am looking ready available sites. Demo to be mention.
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Live Stream Video Ecommerce see above link. This is what we needBrief: Mention what you intend to sell and how much daily sales, number of visitors you expect.Design Preferences: Mention any theme/kind of website design that you prefer (Mention Sites).Technology Preferences: Magento / Wordpress + Woo-commerce / Prestashop / OpenCart / Custom (LAMP / MEAN Stack)User Features:Shopping CartGrid/List View DisplayAdd to WishlistBuyer Account CreationPayment gateway IntegrationsMultiple Currency SupportAdmin Features:Inventory ManagementAdmin Stats DashboardEmail Marketing Integration
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Looking For Prestashop Developer

Hello, looking for a prestashop developer for my project. Here is the requirement:------------------------------------my customer created a user group called "Operatori Top"problem is that he has 150+ categories in shopand as u know in prestashopu need to assign each category manual to a specific user groupto make user see the categoryi found in some forum scripts in php to can be used to assign bulk this possibilitymaybe this thread can help: me know if anyone can do this.Thanks
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Migration From Magento 2.1.5 To Magento 2.3.3

Brief:Electronics,Design Preferences: Preferences: Magento migrationUser Features:We are looking magento developer who can help us to migrate our website. Currently we are using magento 2.1.5 and we need to setup new version magento 2.3.3 with our new theme installation then we need to make migration of our full products and order details completely to magento 2.3.3. Let us know if anyone can help us.
Full Description of Migration from magento 2.1.5 to magento 2.3.3

Need A Blogging Website For Affiliated Marketing

I need awebsite for affiliate marketing related blog.The website should have:-1. A modern look, our theme is Technology where we are going to provideinformation about smartphones and other products.2.Home Page3. About Us page4. Contact us
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