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Completion Of The Project Marketplace On Golang

The platform works on the currency Bitcoin and Bitcoin cache(should work)The problems are as follows.. 1. Setting up the Commission of the site itself, create a bitcoin wallet and send some percentage of the user's transaction to it. 2. When you create an account, Bitcoin Cash does not generate a wallet address.3. On the site there is a function of "Advertising", select the product, select the number of views, not generated price(always 0)4. Also on the site there is a…
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Data Management In Postgres Database

I am looking to hire a postgres DBA - preferrably someone with experience housing data, building models, back-up, restore, server managment, data modeling on postgres data base. Someone with good communicatin skills and had data migration experience, fair amount of SQL Server understanding.
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Marketplace Written In Golang Language

Вы хотите исправить некоторые ошибки и неработающие функции сайта, исходные файлы будут отправлены
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Online Store, The Platform On Which It Is Necessary To Implement Pgp Encryption

On the site there is a function of personal messages, it is necessary to implement encryption of these messages by pgp encryption. The online store is written in golang language. Pgp public key and Pgp private key must be taken from the database. Requires golang developer who worked with pgp encryption. Database - Postgresql.
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