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Altium PCB Designer

We are looking for PCB and Schematic Diagram Designer adept at using Altium Designer. Please state in your bid the complexity of the PCB designs that you have worked on, the applications that you have designed schematics for, as well as your hands-on experience in practising DFM / DFA. Begin your proposal with the word "Track". You will be expected to work along with a remote team on AEST day work hours. Your bid will be qualified according to the…
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Electronics Engineer, Microelectronics, PCB Design

I am an experienced designer working extensively for more than 10++ years.My career skills include the programming languages C, C++, PLC, wireless and I feel comfortable working with the software tools :Matlab(device system simulation - Simulink), Multisim, Xilinx ISE, cadence(orcad PSpice), Arduino IDE, MPLAB(PICdsPIC), CCS(Code Composer studio), Keil, mplab, altium(PCB design), proteus(PIC simulation) and etc.DSP, ARM(STM32Fxx), PIC, dsPIC, simulink, FPGA and CPLD, VC(console, HTTP, MFC & devices comport communication) and etc.Contact me if you have any other questions, I will…
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High Voltage Relay Controller

I need an LTSpice circuit design for a high voltage relay box- circuit parameters available- must use LT Spice or other free Pspice programsDesign input:-12V DC input-may use MC14049 hex buffer (use all 6 I/O)-drive relay such as below: sample relay (TE Part #K81BA57Typical Relay Specification:Switching current: 2A maximumCoil resistance: 290Ω +/- 10%Reed switch isolation: 10KVDCCoil-to-contact isolation: 10KVDCCoil voltage: 12VDCContact resistance:
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I Need A Pcb Designer

Design, develop and assembled PCB is required for Power Pack with Analog power supply of 12V and 0.2mAmp with ON Delay and OFF Delay Timer. Relay of 12v and 2 CO.Circuit should be pulse protected. Timing capacitor based (0-60 seconds).Circuit should be Non- programmable.
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I Need A Schematic Designed For A Small IoT Project

I need to have a schematic drafted for a small IoT project that consists of a CPU and 5 System on Chips (SOC as well as a few other components. All of these components are made by major manufacturers and I have support from the vendors from each of them. I am not a EE but have a good working knowledge of what is required. I just need to have the draft schematic done and then will pass the schematic…
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Need A PCB Designer For A 2 Layer PCB

I have a schematic already developedIt has around 25 SMD componentsComplexity is mediumNeed a PCB designer with strong understanding on PCB routing and professional design of PCBs.
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PCB Design For BLDC Driver

i am looking for a freelancer who can perform following task1.Effective use ofAltium or Cadence Software to build a design 2.Build the circuit schematic as per the our design 3.Simulation to validate its performance4.Selection of component as per our changes to the circuit schematic 6.Utilization of Best practices in layout 7.Board Layout design and Gerber file8.Verification and Validation9.Manufacture of PCB Please let me know if you can do this job... further details are confidential and it will be shared…
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Hi, We need a PCB with GSM GPS MCU SIM Card and standard components,We prefer some one who has built designs on same and have prior experience.We need a gerber, circuit and PCB design
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PCB DESIGN, PADS, Over 5years

We're looking forpcb designers whouse PADS, Mentorgraphics.The experts must haveat least five years of experience.We'd like to know your cost per hour.If you have any queries, contact our email. [removed] you.
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PCB Design Services For The Product

Require PCB designer with industrial experience. Product schematic is fixed. Routing needs to be done along with the verification of the designed PCB. Valuable inputs about the enhancements related to the product is a must. There are 3 more products that are in pipeline. So this can be a long partnership. Everything will be contracted. Time bound work is must.
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Pcb Designing Of Tablet Device

we are looking for PCB design of tablet device.Problem Statement:What we expect from you?Is the much needed technical design and advice in choosing the right parameters of the device (tablet) that supports the project objectives and functionalities we plan to offer.Action items:- Define the requirement specific to our use case.- Need to list out all the components that are required for a tablet device.- Design of skull.- Specification of components.- Design of PCB- Assembler of componentsand make or assemble them…
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PCB GERBER Designing

A very simple PCB design for a provided circuit. two boards to be connected back to back with 4 pins on one and 2 resistances in the tracks. Circuit and existing boards files will be provided
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PCB Layout Design In Mentor Graphics PADS Tool

Hi,We have a immediate requirement of 4 freelancer PCB layout design for 3 days.Kindly send quotation ASAP.Project Duration from 20 Aug to 22 Aug Time From 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
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We Need A Solution To Drive The I/O From A Android App.

We need a solution to drive the I/O from a Android App , The I/O board can be part of Android hardware, or external board which can be operated via USB or blue tooth etc..We need a solution for thisA Board with Android hosted on it and also I/O OR only a Board with I/O which can be controlled by android application.
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