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200$ Project - Need An Oversea IOS Apple Developer Account

Earn money by creating an account.1. To register an oversea apple account for us to test games2. Register address must be abroad, not in China3. It requires you to provide some registration information
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A Centralized Software Solution

Hi,We have a requirement for developing a centralized software solution.A centralized data with field testsacquisition and certificate issuing systemfor automobiles operating. The system willbe required to collect pollution check data from a mobile or stationeryconfirm that it is within prescribed limitsand issues requiredcertificate. Entire systemshould be onlineand accessible to allauthorized points and via them to allautomobiles. The systemsshould be architected to provide common and open API interface so that anycertified pollution checkingequipment can uploadthe data to centralized system. And all…
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A Customized Keyboard For IOS With An Inbuilt Application.

I need to develop anapplication in Ios.Scope:There are two parts in this,1. A customized keyboard needs to be developed.2. From the keyboard there would be a key that will open thisapplication. Following things will have to be done in the application,-This app would have news feeds from where users canlike/comment on it as well as clicking it should go to the respective links.- A chat screen where users can chat on it.-Social media screen where all partner social media linkswill…
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A HGV Navigation App

A HGV navigation application where users can update key locations on a map for other hgv drivers/report crashes /speed camera vans show hgv points on a map such as tyre repair, fuel stops and points other drivers have added to the mapSet weight and dimensions of vehicle as to avoid low bridges or weight limit zones for ios and android, or a price for just android
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A Mobile Application That Uses Screen Scraping

I need a lightweight mobile application, that screen scrapes, identifies and calculates figures, and combines them into a PDF file. This PDF file can be delivered to an email address. That's it. It should work for Android and IOS. I need it to be lightweight, and the developer should be able to develop it very quickly, as in a maximum of 1 month.This is a student's group project application, so we have a budget of maximum 150 dollars.
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A Social Media Platform.with Features Like Messaging,post Uploading & Finding Friends Option.

A social media which with feature like messaging,photo/video uploading,finding friends.Our app will also make official posts having unique codes .Each post made by company will be unique in buttons,filters etc.
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Add New Feature Into Existing Android Mobile App

Hello,Please READ carefully requirement and then submit your bid if you are able to work on following terms:Budget: Maximum Rs. 20000.00 (Please don't bid if you are looking higher then this)Days : 15-201. Payment gateways. (Already added, needs to integrate with plans.)2. Partners can post Tournament information, notificationwill send to all, other users/teams can accept or chat directly.Tournament Process:Only Partners can post Tournament:We are organizing TournamentCompetition not player or team to team and Tournament Playeror Team to teamEvent NameGame NameDate…
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Adding And Upgrade Existing Function Of The Childcare Mobile Apps.

Application Type: NativeBrief:Childcare Mobile Application isdeveloped to ease the childcare and parents. By developingthis application, it will easier the parents to find childcare helpers fortheir children at the busy day or emergency issue. Compare to the previous method,the parents can send their children to the nursery school only in working hoursand working days only. This way is troublesome and is difficult for parents whoneeds helper in outside the working hours or working days. Childcare helperswho is jobless also have difficulty…
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Aggregated School App

I want an android app(Native or hybrid) for school with basic functionality like homeworknoticechatauthenticationfirebaseWhere teachers update these things and guardian can see. thats how it work.I have done UI/UX for this.
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Aggregated School App With Basic Functionality Like Homework, Notice, Chat, Authentication, Firebase

I want an android app(Native or hybrid) for school with basic functionality likehomeworknoticechatauthenticationfirebaseWhere teachers update these things and guardian can see. thats how it work.I have done UI/UX for this.
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Akamai Bot Manager , Sensor Data Generator

I see alot ofX-acf-sensor-data in header of apps in ios or androd, does anybody know how to bypass it or how it works?I need generator sensor datascreenshot :!!price negotiable!!
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Am Looking For Android Developer.please Read Description Below

we have slotting system for patient. we have an issue in slotting. we have allotted 10 tokens per slot based on time set by doctor availability. so lets say i have doctor available time is 6pm to 9pm. so slots are like 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, tokens per slot would be 0-9, 10-19 and 20-29. so lets say if one patient selects slot number 3. means 8-9 slot and he gets token num 20 and in next scenario after 1st token…
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An APP For ALL Devices

Hi,I'm looking for someone who can write a programm/app which will be compatible for all mobile phones.The programm has to use the camera, the internet, the local drive and the cloud if you would like to use the complete application.The final product will be an app for searching pictures (making or uploading picture) in online shops. The test result will be ordered first to relevance and than for the price. The overview will be a picture of the product, the…
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An App That Has A Virtual Currency That Can Be Exchanged For Real Money And Services.

Create an app where people can sign up to advertise said brands to receive a predetermined fee based on their “social influence” which would be calculated from their Instagram followers. After the said time for posting the advertisement has been completed the person received artificial currency which can be traded in for real money or services. They would also be able to acquire this artificial currency from watching advertisements.
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An Evaluation App For Customers After A Service Rendered

A company i just joined has Service Technicians hands out evalution cards to clients after completion of a given service eitherrepairs or new installations. This evaluation is later manually fed unto an online evaluation website. An app will be needed which will be installed on Service Techniician's company phone which after every service, customers can directly evaluate the service rendered on these phones. This evaluation data must be able to be automatically fed unto the major online evaluation website. Our…
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