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Competency Demonstration Report- CDR- Mechanical Engineering- For Assessment By Engineers Australia

Need to Review and edit CDR reports in 2 weeks for mechanical engineering1.) Review and edit the Report as per MSA Booklet. It was prepared in march 17 by CDR writer only who is non contactable. Review being done just to be sure.2.) Summary Statement as per MSA booklet.3.) CPD- To be Prepared as per MSA booklet.4.) Resume writingWould provide the CDRsCDR should be according to the MSA booklet(attached) . It is a stringent process so please apply only if…
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Data Scientist - Machine Learning

We are looking for someone who can work part-time to enhance a machine learning project written in python. A proof of concept has been developed for a trading algorithm and has been validated. The person we'd like to hire would take over the proof of concept and look to make it better and seek to help us understand what variables are significant, find new insights and help us grow the algorithm. If successful, this could evolve into a full-time role.…
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“Development Of Fourth Container Terminal At JN Port On Design, Build, Finance, Operate And Transfer

One Turkish engineering company bidding for JNPT Project fr technical supervision for Container terminal port and looking for for experience key person. Total required candidate are 3.One Electrical expert(Exp.15 yrs), one Geotechnical expert( Exp.10 yrs) and one Structural expert(Exp.10 yrs).Candidate must have experience in project of port (On shore & off shore terminals,berth,jetties,quays and cargo handling )having cost of 650 cr or experience in project of power,telecom,highway,railways,metro,industrial parks,natural gas,irigation having cost of 1598 cr.
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Equation In Fluid Help

1) Water flows at a steady rate in this vertical pipe. The pressure at A is 10 kPa,and at B it is 98.1 kPa. The flow in the pipe is (a) upward, (b) downward, or (c) noflow. (10 points) refer fig 1Fig 12) Determine the discharge in the pipe and the pressure at point B. Neglect headlosses. Assume α = 1.0 at all locations. (10 points) refer fig 2Fig 23) Kerosene (20 ̊C) flows at a rate of 0.04 m3/s…
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I Need A 3D Cad Model For My Project

I have done a project for which i require a 3D cad model, looking for someone who can come and work at my place, sicnce the project is kept at my place near banashankari. Need it get done urgently, 2 days!
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Mechanical CAD Design

Hi Nikko here I'm from the Philippines I'm make mechanical CAD design like automotive parts, plastic injection parts, pipings, floor plan, 3D and 2D design
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Mechanical Engineering Project

his is a project in Finite Element.. it needs Abaqus software.. should be done in around 8-12PagesYour report should include the following key contents:1. Title page2. Table of contents3. Brief description of objective of analysis4. Description of the methodology which includes(a) the steps/algorithms of calculationsb) Description of mesh5. Analysis results, evaluations and discussion(a) Plot of the nite element mesh(b) Contour plot of displacements(c) Contour plot of stresses(d) Tabulated displacements and stresses at required locations(e) Estimation for errors based on a…
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Offshore Oil Platforms Technical Maintenance...operation.....etc Tutor

I need a tutor for offshore platforms oil drillers I need someone to tech me all operations and maintenance technicians and how it work and guide me with book ... programs .... and all things related to offshore engineering techniques ( mechanical engineering)
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