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10 After Effects Templates Edited & Rendered With Transparent Background

This is basic editing and then rendering 10 After Effects templates to HD video with transparent background on all sequences separately AND then combined. (Please read details carefully)Editing: I need a different look for each template. Example of changes needed to get a different look: Changecolor, then change angle or direction, then changenumber of particles, elements, or events.Goal in Editing: To make the result"different and beautiful" or "different and useful". So, although you are NOT "creating" a project from a…
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12 Vocabulary Charts With Hindi Pronunciation And Meaning

As part of this project, I need 12 vocabulary charts for different categories to be prepared as per the list is given below:This project needs Hindi translation and typing. If you don’t know Hindi translation and typing then please don’t send the proposal.I have attached a document having detail instructions and the sample format for my final work. Expect you to go through the attached document before sending a proposal for this project.List of Category:1.Vegetable2.Fruits3.Body parts4.Animals5.Birds6.Insects7. Games and Sports8. Transport9.…
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1500-words Article For $12. Review Content. No Spin, No Plagiarizm

Requirements:1. 1500-words article for $12. Delivery within 3 days.2. Rewrite certain content. No spin (replace words with synonyms), no plagiarism( means the article needs to pass COPYSCAPE detection.)3. No need to pile up keywords, but it would be better if the keyword can show up in the first sentence.Keyword: Folexin reviewsHeadings:(Part 1) source: What is Folexin?(I want to make a special mention of this point in the article:Rogaine and Propecia are the only drugs approved by the FDA to…
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200 MCQ Questions On Natural Disaster - Landslide, Tsunami, Floods & The Like - Graduates Preferred

1 MOST IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONSInterested bidders are to go through the entire job description before placing the bid. There is a set of conditions that have to be agreed to by copy-pasting the same and making the required changes. This will be the basis for shortlisting. If this information is not available, your proposal will not be considered. Please feel free to ask any question on things not covered in this Job Description. Questions that are vague, indicating Job description has…
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$200 Web Design & Development -- 2

20 Pages Membership Website. Create using PHP, MySQL. No wordpress.Plugins includes as Paypal, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Youtube.SEO is a must!20 pages + back end + front end. Automatic content upload + Sign-Up Plug-In which includes:Admin does NOT have to approve each new member BUT allows a site administrator to approve/disapprove a userability to use system at anytime. Restrict New Users by Domain this means, Whitelist or Blacklist email domains used for new user registration.In addition to any…
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3 Different Website Banners

2 x Big Banner for Website ( 4 Different Languages )- 1 VW Touareg cockpit with an Samsung Galaxy S10 in it + Text "Text:Gewinne 3 x 1 Samsung Galaxy S10Win 3x1 Samsung Galaxy S10Fito 3x1 Samsung Galaxy S10Nagrada 3×1 Samsung Galaxy S10-1 VW Touareg car body with Samsung Galaxy S10 on the door + Text Outside the carText:Gewinne 3 x 1 Samsung Galaxy S10Win 3x1 Samsung Galaxy S10Fito 3x1 Samsung Galaxy S10Nagrada 3×1 Samsung Galaxy S101 x Little Banner…
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3D-Modell: Repairing And Polishing Mesh And Texture Of A 3D-Object .obj, No Closing.

We need a polished version of the 3D-Object provided (Download-Link: means: Nicer texture and mesh if somehow possible. We would really like to see the object kinda clear and good, not as wobble and strange as it is right now. For someone really good with it, it would be doable in about 2-4 hours.You don't need to close the topology to make it 3D-printable : D It is just for show-purposes.The .obj is a bit more then 100mb and can…
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500K VALIDATED Clickers COX Emails

Hello Clientswe are know that cables isp are of rich people in USAThis package contains US domain emails with a valid rate of 99.9% which means they will get the best responseLeads will include only e-mail addressesand if you are working in email marketing you will know that cox could make you earn alot of moneythis is data list generated this year clickers with 0% bouncedon't lose this chance
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A Result Oriented Sales / Marketing Person

An educational institution requires result oriented sales / marketing specialists to launch a campaign to raise funds for a new vocational training center to be opened soon. Any means of marketing are acceptable as long as the sales person can commit on the target sales he can achieve per day. This job is a test session for one day to ensure that he can meet the target he/she commits. Direct sales, email campaign, free ads, social media marketing or any…
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A Team Of People To Assist With My Entrepeneurial Projects

I need a person who can tidy up the front end navigation in my wordpress website.This development itself 'May' become a value proposition that I offer under by webdevelopment project management service offering. Hence I want to retain the IP on this, or share it with the developer.I have, or soon hope to have.. more than one Wordpress (or similar) website. Each of these sites will sell my consultancy time. What I want, is a centralised database to which I…
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Administrative Assistant

We are seeking an enthusiastic, and highly motivated Administrative Assistant to be part of our team! The ideal candidate must be flexible, responsible, organized, efficient, a team player, and have excellent communication and written skills. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:  The ability to write and communicate PROFESSIONALLY – this cannot be overemphasized!  Highly-organized and detail-oriented  Advanced knowledge with MS office applications, particularly in Excel and Outlook  Online research and information management  Manage incoming/outgoing…
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Affiliation Program With Freelancers & Agencies

We have a cool Mobile & Web module which allows sending monetized push notifications.Basically, it means that the app's owner receives revenue on every time such notifications are being clicked by a user.We're looking for freelancers and agencies to partner with us in order to integrate our SDK in apps/websites by introducing our service to their owners.For any such integration, there is a generous commission from the revenues generated by our SDK
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Am Looking For Android Developer.please Read Description Below

we have slotting system for patient. we have an issue in slotting. we have allotted 10 tokens per slot based on time set by doctor availability. so lets say i have doctor available time is 6pm to 9pm. so slots are like 6-7, 7-8, 8-9, tokens per slot would be 0-9, 10-19 and 20-29. so lets say if one patient selects slot number 3. means 8-9 slot and he gets token num 20 and in next scenario after 1st token…
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Amazon Prime Downloads

I wantto download songs and movies from Amazon Prime. I most of the times do nothave a Internet connection, therefore I want to download and keep the digitalcontent.Even if the Internetconnection is there, yet speed is not up to the mark so there will be bufferissues. I require high quality of digital content. I want to keep the downloadedsongs in Microsoft windows 10. I will be using the digital content onportable player and on Apple laptop. I also want a…
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Apache Spark And Python

You need to build asimple application able to run some Tasks in a specific order. To achieve that,you will need an executor taking care of which task to execute, and a base Taskclass with the common abstraction inPython.As an example:class Executor(object): def __init__(self, tasks=[]): self.tasks = tasks def run(self): # do stuffYour pipeline needs tofulfill these tasks:Use the dataset on S3 as theinput ( some transformations.Create a table and make theoutput data ready to be queried after and during each…
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