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A Simulation On Optimizing Solar Power Collected On A Solar Powered UAV

A simulation from MatLab Simulink of a Solar powered UAV by using MPPT to track the optimization of the solar power collected to fly the drone. Solar arrays need to be arranged in a way that it can have highest effieciency of solar energy collection.
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Develop CFD Programs To Solve Simple Initial Value Problems.

(1) Find out the equation of motion of the cylinder. The derivation procedure of the equationmust be included in the report.(2) Develop a numerical method for predicting the vibration of the cylinder. The procedure ofderiving the FDM formula must be included in the report.(3) Develop a MATLAB program for solving the problem. The MATLAB program code must beincluded in the report.(4) Keeping the damping coefficient of c = 100 N·m/s, conduct numerical simulations for KC=2to 20 with an interval of…
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Development Of A Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-RBF Nn For Gr

The project includes the following:- A matlab model of a grid connected PV array with MPPT, boost converter, inverter and its control- Adaptive GA-RBF NN algorithm for MPPT- The GA will be to optimize the RBF hidden layer size- The inputs of the controller are the temperature, and solar irradiance.- the project will look like the one in the file but must use Adaptive GA instead of simple GA- the controller controls the converter duty cycle through PI and PWM
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I Need Arduino Programmer With Matlab Or Opencv. Image Processing Project.

My concept is detect the image from my laptop then according to output 3 Nos. X, Y, Z. Directionstepper motor will run.I have 3 stepper motor with drive set. Just i need to programme and connect thearduino mega and my laptop as a image processor
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I Need Data For PVC Creep Test Under Different Temperature.

i need data for PVC creep test, under different temperature.preferably room temperature(25°c), anologous temperature of PVC, and -15°C.preferably simulation.any weight can be used.
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I Need Some Good Technical Academic Writer

I need some experienced technical academic writers who must have academic expreience of more than 5 years. I mainly need SPSS, MATLAB, MY SQL, R STUDIO, PROGRAMMING, JAVA, PYTHON, C++, STATA, AND OTHER TECHNICAL FILEDS AS WELLA writer must have knowledge of referencing like APA and Harvard.We are hiring only experienced writer so please bid accordingly with samples.Thanks in advance
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I Need Someone To Preform Rigid Dynamics Analysis, Joint Forces And Member Stresses On Ansys.

I have designed a clamp on Creo and i need to run calculation on ANSYS. I need it by Saturday 20th, 2019.i will be happy to shear more details and my Creo assembly drawing along with parts.
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MATLAB Simulation Work - Deliverable In 1 Day

A standardroom of 5mx3mx3m (LxWxH) is lit by two LEDs placed on the room’s ceiling. UsingMatlab tool to find out the best positions for two LEDs on the ceiling wherethey can provide a reasonable flatness of brightness level for the entire roomfloor. Each LED has the Lambertian order 1.
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Matlab Speech Processing

I need help in MATLAB, asap!I have project due tomorrow and Im having trouble finishing it. It is about recognizing prolongation in stuttered speech using LPCC features and LDA and K-NN classifiers.Is there any way you could help me get this done by tomorrow?Thanks!
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Need To Model A Thin Film Capacitor Using Black Silicon

Need a model of a thin film capacitor using black silicon. The main objective is to have a model considering all periodic cones in a cubic base surface. First objective is to find a way to calculate the surface area and formulate it in terms of sigma and correlation length and code it in matlab to model it.
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Optical Model Development

I want to create a Matlab code based on someone'sPhD thesis. The model is in the area of Optics, basically finding a scattering of light from nanotexturedrough surfaces . To complete this work you may need to have a good understanding of optics, wave diffraction theories and some Matlab programming capability.The aim is to successfully reproduce some results found in the thesis.
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Optical Model Development In Matlab

I want you to create a Matlab code based on someone'sPh.D. thesis chapter. The model is in the area of Optics. It is mainly to simulate light scatteringfrom nanotexturedrough surfaces. To complete this work you may need to have a good understanding of optics (wave diffraction theories) and some Matlab programming skills.The aim is to successfully reproduce some of the results found in the thesis.
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Respiratory Rate Estimation From The ECG Using An Instantaneous Frequency Tracking Algorith

Monitoring the respiratory rate (RR) is important in many clinical and non-clinical situations but it isdifficult in practice, for existing devices are obtrusive, bulky and expensive. The extraction of the RR fromthe routinely acquired electrocardiogram (ECG) has been proposed lately. Two approaches exist, oneexploiting the modulation of the heart rate by the respiration, known as the respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) and the other using the modulation by the respiration of the R-peak amplitudes (RPA). Inthis study, the weighted multi-signal oscillator…
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Robotic Visual Tracking Of Moving Objects

robotic visual tracking of moving objectsWork flow:Image processing - Kalman filter- controllers- robotic arm manipulator tracking.Kindly tell me tell me which controllers can you able to write a code or model in simulink?Do you know about Model predictive controller, Linear quadratic controller? -MPC, LQR-(should be in Matlab environment)developing a applicationin simulink is enough to me. You need code implement work alone OR Journal paper preparation & publication ? I need to write the code for my problem. softwareMatlab & simulink…
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Simulation Of 4 QC Rectifier Using SPWM Sine Wave PWM In SIMULINK MATLAB

Hello,I am looking for a person for Simulink (MATLAB) model development with a good electrical background. I want to develop a model for 4 quadrant rectifier, using SPWM (Sine wave pulse width modulation) control.We can use the simscape library in Simulink.Description of the model1. The input to the rectifier must be single phase transformer with below parameters.Transformer parameters, where we can neglect the magnetizing impedance.i. Primary to the secondary winding ratio: 26.69ii. Primary voltage: 25kV, 50Hziii. Transformer leakage inductance referred…
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