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1. 15 best machine learning courses in 2019Ref - of words : 3000Note: Write only machine learning courses2. 15 best deep learning courses in 2019Ref - of words : 3000Note: Write only deep learning courses3. 15best python learning courses in 2019Ref: of words : 30004. 10 best mysql courses with certifications.Ref : of words : 20005: 15 best ios app development courses of words : 3000
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AI Big Data Technical Writer Opportunity

Key Responsibilities:Work with internal teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of the product and the documentation requirementsProduce high-quality documentation that meets applicable standards and is appropriate for its intended audienceWrite easy-to-understand user interface text, online help and developer guidesCreate tutorials to help end-users use a variety of applicationsAnalyze existing and potential content, focusing on reuse and single-sourcing opportunitiesCreate and maintain the information architectureAPI documentation experienceAbility to communicate technical ideas to various types of usersDevelopment background (ability to code, script and…
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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Engineer / Software Developer

About the CompanyZ STRAND is amanufacture of composites and small robotic systems.Website : : ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/ MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER Role: SOFTWARE DEVELOPERJob Description:· Proficient in AI / Machine learning·Proficient in one of modern languages like C++, pythonand R·Hands on experience in data structures ,algorithms and design patterns·Hands on experience in un-supervised machinelearning techniques and algorithms, such as various clustering algorithms,dimensionality reduction techniques.·Experience in Computer Vision and ImageProcessing. NLTK, Stanford Core, GATE, spacey etc.-skills: Machinelearning, Java, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence,…
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Artificial Neural Network In R

I need someone who understand the theory of ANN and can implement it in R. Just need some modifications on the code
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Bitcoin Mining Tweaks

I have an idea for mining Bitcoin "smarter" and i need some help in code development and/or mining setup and understanding.To give you a brief description of the idea without getting into details at this stage:I will be mining solo using multiple ASIC miners and potentially some Cloud mining using GPU (i understand that solo mining is not profitable even with ASIC miners) but i have an idea to mine smarter. i know its a very low probability to work…
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Classify Numerical Data Using Ensemble Learning Method Of Machine Learning Or Deep Learning

The csv file has numerical data (varies between 0 and 5). It has 8 classes and 13 features. The data of each class is balanced. You have to apply ensemble learning of multi-class classification to classify each class. You will have freedom to select most appropriate features out of 13 or you can select all. The target is get high precision, recall, f-score and accuracy.
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Course Curriculum Design For Computer Institute Which Can Used For Brochure And Web Site

i m looking for a person who can design detailed course content for computer institute for all below mention subjectsservices offered A) summer internship and industrial training modules for College students and industry professionals in1. python2. data science with python 3. data science with R4. machine learning 5. deep learning / artificial intelligence 4. Java5. .net6. c7. c++8. Android/ios9. data structures with c++10. mean stack11. django12. hadoopteach by industry experts with more than 10 years of relevant experience B) subject…
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Creating An Ecommerce Website With Recommendation System

Need to create an ecommerce website like amazon but my own brand in which i will need to include recommendation system. This recommendation system will suggest the user based on user click item and user past search history. Basically using machine learning to do the recommendation system
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Data Mining Project Academic

Produce a report capturing a critically comparison of the performance of different data analyticsmethods applied to at least 2 related datasets appropriate to the Fintech domain.Required on R Programming
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Data Project Manager

This project pays $150/every two weeks. This would be a recurring project that we would rehire you for every two weeks.We run a company called Apres ( At Apres, we create the software and data necessary to train artificial intelligence applications. If you look through our previous projects, many of those were to create datasets for other companies training machine learning models.We are growing and we need to add an assistant who can help full time on managing the production…
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Data Scientist - Machine Learning

We are looking for someone who can work part-time to enhance a machine learning project written in python. A proof of concept has been developed for a trading algorithm and has been validated. The person we'd like to hire would take over the proof of concept and look to make it better and seek to help us understand what variables are significant, find new insights and help us grow the algorithm. If successful, this could evolve into a full-time role.…
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Document Classification

I got bundles of documents, which is pdf, dwg, dxf, word, excel, which is certificates, different drawings, I need the code to classify these documents and place in their respective category folders.
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Ecg Health Monitoring System

Physical activity indexing on human ECG – A biomarker for the clinical diagnosis Motive: The physical activity of a patient is directly affecting the cardiac electrical conduction rate. In order to avoid the confusion of cardiac signal variation due to physical activity of the patient and the variation due to abnormal conduction of heart muscle, a biomarker is required to indicate the physical activity on ECG signal. Objective: The aim of the proposal is  To develop a wearable system…
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I Need A Freelancer To Work Through Python Machine Learning Notebooks With Me

I need a data scientist to work with me over video call and work through jupyer notebooks/ kaggle kernels on a variety of problems. example : would be coding together, maybe adapting the notebook to some other problem. meetings will mostly be on the weekends or in the afternoon/evening on weekdays. please bid with your available timings.
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I Need Help In Converting My Machine Learning Code Into A Django Web App

Hi,I have written a python code in machine learning that is supposed to take images upload, perform computation on it and return a image output. I need to convert this into a django web app, that i will host on the cloud.The freelancer will need to supervise me over google hangouts over 4-5 hours to help me understand django and make the finished web app. I know python but dont have much experience with web development.
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