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A Few Changes For An Existing Wordpress Website

Brief:The website is an existing business website which needs some modificationDesign Preferences: Interactive themeStatic pages: 12Preferred Customizations: Need the sub pages to be interactiveCustom Illustrations/Icons? Yes
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A Very Easy Interactive Data Visualization Using HTML,CSS,JSCRIPT In SVG Format

It's trading data between different locationsThe data containsa.screen position in pixels of different amount between different locationsyou need to1. Read in data using D32. Draw the locations as circles, and make the radius of circles proportional to the total trading amount.3. Draw the trading lines between the locations, and make the thickness of the lines proportional to the amount4. Interactionsa.Hovering on a circle, highlight the circle and all lines connect to it(by making other circles and lines transparent) b.Hovering…
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Backend Developer In AWS

We are looking for backend web development with AWS or (technology recommended by backend developer), The price is not negotiable and he/she have to complete the project with dedication and should not extend the project deadline.We will choose best backend developer which is flexible with AWS and other preferences also. And we will hire them for long term project.Don't waste the time in negotiation, Only serious applicants who are willing to work can apply.Best RegardsTeam notocia :)
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Backend Developer - Node.js

Responsibilities:·As a Senior Node.js Developer, you will be responsiblefor orchestrating data integration from multiple systems, as well as providingand supporting various functionalities to operations and infrastructure. ·As a part of the backend team you will work towardsdelivering specific milestones and objectives in a very fast pacedenvironment. ·You will be in charge of thefollowing:·End to end Node.js development·Managing cloud based web application on Amazon WebServices·Develop restful JSON web services and APIs·Integration of external systems using custom soapbased third party APIsRequired Skills:·Passionate…
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Bugfixing Needed: When Loading A Js File The Page Scrolls Down To The End Of The Page

Hello,we use a minified js script, size 1 MB on our webpages. But if we load the js file, then all our Websites scroll to the end of the Page instead of starting at the top of the page.I will provide you our js file, you can see the Problem i.e. in every Bootstrap page.The js file should not have less functionality, it should just dont scroll anymore.I hope you will help us solving the problem.Thank you,Martin
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Build First Part Of A Saas-product In The Devops Sector - Two Userstories

We are a young start-up from Munich, Germany. Our product tries to make it easier for developers and devops engineers to manage and edit configuration files.Inorder achieve a first version, we need a frontend freelancer to build afully functional frontend based on our API-Documentation, Click-Dummy and User-Story-Backlog. As a first step:We want a simple login page where you can log in with username and password which leads to a webpage that leads to two different apps (mock any api endpoints):-…
Full Description of Build first part of a saas-product in the devops sector… Using Webhook With Node.js To Find 1 Price From Mysql Database

Chatbot.comusing webhook with Node.js to find 1 price from mysql databaseThe chatbot will send a few inputs (product name, country, qty) to the javascript node js, which will find the price from maria db (like mysql) database (contains 5 tables), and return 1 value (the price).I need your help to write the javascript in node js to talk with the chatbot and the database.Chatbot is: http://chatbot.comand https://livechatinc.comsome javascript webhook instructions are,.node js is v11 at http://inmotionhosting.commaria db database…
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Convert A .ASP Website Into HTML Website

We have a website built in .asp and we need to convert the same to HTML. I have all source files. This website has no dynamic functionality. It has just a menu built in Javascript. You just need to .asp pages to .html.
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Create My Twitter Tool

I am looking for someone who can Create a Twitter Bot for me in Google, Sheets/Docs.What I am looking for from the Bot.The Bot must be able to send DMs to all my new Followers,This Bot must also be able to Post to my Twitter account, from a list of post, These post should be made once every 30-45 Minutes.I should be able to create Post and Attach pictures that I would like to be posted.
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Crypto Trading Robot Improvements

The projectA crypto trading robot really well written in NodeJS, from a open source project that I want to extend with some functionality and fix two bugs.The project consists off (Short term)..:- Log(write) more data to the console!- Extend the config file with some functionality that gives the robot ability to trade with coins already owned and not buy new coins on each trade!- Bug: The robot are able to compound all trades, but there are some bugs that need…
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Dashboard Using Angular

A dashboard needs to be created. This will depict real time data from server.The dashboard shall include the following UI components:1. Timeline chart2. Tabular data3. Report generation4. Some smaller UI widgets which shall show parameters from serverWorkflow:Initial Load: Login screen*Login successful: User Role received. Based on user role links from the dashboard left panel will be activated/disabled.Configuration data received: UI will be rendered with layout, tiles for devices, empty chart, user detailsDevice data received: Tiles, chart will be updatedServer alive…
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Dashboard Using Angular With ChartJS Integrated.

A dashboard needs to be created. This will depict real time data from server.The dashboard shall include the following UI components:1. Timeline chart2. Tabular data3. Report generation4. Some smaller UI widgets which shall show parameters from server
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Delivery Anything Within City

SnapUpis an application on mobile devices (mobile phones / tablets) that facilitate the Nagpur people to mobilize in the city areaNagpurand Surroundings. SnapUp is available for all Android device users. Equipped with several features that can be used by the Amsterdam community, among others, features Go-Moto (Motor), Go-Car (Taxi Online), GoFood (Food purchasing service), Go-Mart (Service purchase / shopping), GoMassage (Massage Services to your home), GoBox (Car Service Boxes for your business), GoSend (Service Delivery of goods / documents with…
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Design And Develop A Web Page Using JavaScript/typescript

Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or related field.•Ability to self-learn and use the Internet, books, and documentation to understandand work with a new programming system.•Patience and abilityto read,understand, and modify code written by someone else.•Strong knowledge of basic programming skills, structures, algorithms, OOP.•Work with other developers and project managers to enhance and improve the existing web application.•Provenknowledge of.NET andC#.•Experience building apps using Javascript and Angular•Handle continued testing, maintenance, and updates throughout the lifecycle of the web…
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Developer Candidate Test Platform

I need a developer candidate test platform (like hackerrank, so more simple), in this place i´ll be able to input a list of questions, We´ll have two question types:1) multiple option: I register the question, create the answer options as well the correct answer (or list of correct answers). The platform´ll save a test, this test will have a list os questions, this questions will have a list of options (in screen option this will be showed like A, B,…
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