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Designing And Programming A Watson Chatbot Thru Bluemix Components - Able To Pay More For Experts

I am designing a Chatbot with blue mix components such as Watson Assistant, Discovery, Text-Speach, etc. and am looking for developers whom to consult and program the chatbot. If the initial work is great - Iwill continuouslybe happy to work with the same people over different projects.The Budget will we adjusted to the expertise and specific challenges there are to be solved. I.e. if there is expertise I will be able to pay more
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IBM Watson Assistant Chatbot App

I am looking for a developer with experiences developing IBM Watson apps. The need is for a chatbot assistant with the following functionality - advanced search through scientific literature (pdf files stored locally and in the cloud; Kindle books and other local sources; online sources such as Google Scholar, Libraries; internet in general) - identification of the most relevant sources, search through the text, keyword search, boolean operators - ability to machine learn by reading through the texts and to…
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