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2-9180-EDUC-5240 - Written Assignment Comparing 2 Educational System Countries

Compare the educational systems of two countries (other than your own) with different histories. Choose one Western and one non-Western educational system and:State the purposes for each of the educational systemsDiscusses at least 3 points of comparison (similarities or differences) between the two systemsExplain whether you favor or oppose each of these points and whySubmit a paper which is 2-3 pages in length, exclusive of the reference page. The paper must be double-spaced and written in Times New Roman, 12-point…
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2-Assignment - 9180-educ-5240-T2-creating Positive Assignment

Create 2-3 page assignmentdeadline Dec 1, 20192-Assignment - 9180-educ-5240-T2-creating positive assignmentChoose two discipline theorists and their models from your readings. Be sure that they are from two different approaches. For example, you may choose one from the low-control/guiding model, such as Barbara Coloroso/Inner Discipline; and one from the high-control/intervening model, such as B.F. Skinner/Behavior Modification.Compare and contrast the two modelsbe sure to evaluate both the positive and the negative aspects of eachChoose one model as being the best approach for…
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3 Excel Macros Needed

Hello,I need 3 macros. Macro 1 and 2 for one Excel file, macro 3 for another file.In file 1, rows 1 and 2 are theheaders,data start from row 3. Therefore rows 1 and 2should be excluded from macros 1 and 2below.1.Macro 1.Whenever data change in any of the following columns: G, H, I, R, S, AD, AE, AF, AG current date (dd/mm/yyyy) must be input into column AJ, ofthe samerow.2.Macro 2.Column AH has a formula (this column is not manually…
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4 Excel Macros Needed

Hello,I need 4 macros. Macro 1 and 2 (in one sheet) and macro 3 in 3 other sheets of the same file, macro 4 in a different file.In file 1, sheet 1, rows 1 and 2 are the headers, data start from row 3. Therefore rows 1 and 2 should be excluded from macros 1 and 2 below.1. Macro 1.Whenever data change in any of the following columns: G, H, I, R, S, AD, AE, AF, AG, AR, AW, AE,…
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500 Records Web Research

I have a company name and their country in excelyou will need to find a website link and one email.if not found put "NA"let me know what is website & email for the below company in your proposal otherwise I'll decline your proposal."Cam Cam Copenhagen A/S" "Denmark"Budget: 270Rs for 500 recordsDeadline: today till 11 PM
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A Greenfield Project

We have drafted MS word based executive summary and DPR of 3 projects and are seeking services to format, align , redesign images and get the final product ready fir printing .- 3 exec summaries of 10 pages each- 3 DPR’s of 250 pages eachwork : 80% text alignment and 10% images redesign and 10% excel tables alignmentMost of the alignment is done but needs final touches and insertion of new text .Please meet with us st our Hyderabad office…
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A Researcher Cum Writer Who Can Write Historical Essays Based On Some Research Work

I want a very good writer cum researcher who has excellent knowledge of English Language who can write very high quality, well researched history essay of around 2000 words. The essays need to be researched properly and written according to predefined criterion based on certain guidelines and conditions. These types ofessay are based on solid research so only those persons are asked to bid who have done some research work on historical topics.Persons having interest in history as well as…
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About Designing Forms In Excel Using Visual Basic , Forms To Store Information In Excel

- Create forms to input Important Customer related information , have it stored in backend (excel)- Add/Modify/Delete records inserted- Print input Data to a PDF via Forms- Generate Price quotes from Customer information
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About Web Development

halo mas, project yang saya ingin develop adalah dengan menggunakan python. web berbasis point of sale and ada data pengeluaran buat biaya karyawan dan biaya oengeluaran buat supplier. jadi semua nya terintegrasi mas, dan bisa import/export ke excel dan ada data grafik nya berdasarkan sale and expense . dan konek ke database pastinya.saya bisa lihat berdasarkan kategori2 berdasarkan supplier atau nama barang.rencana yang saya mau itu
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Academic Paper - 3-4 Pages John Dewey Western Education

John Dewey has had a profound impact on Western education. His theories on the nature and purpose of education have shaped not only the American educational system but other Western Schools of education. For this assignment you will:Explain what Dewey considered to be the purpose(s) of educationAnalyze at least three principles of Dewey’s philosophy and their influence on educationAssess how these principles align with the principles of an IB educationSubmit a paper which is 3-4 pages in length, exclusive of…
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PCAOB, QBO,CPPI, Accounting/Bookkeeping and also will be working on excel and auditing in the field on financial accounting
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Accounting Clerk - Entry Level

We are looking for a dynamic Administrator / Office Manager Assistant to join our team. We have been in business since 2011.We have an amazing team that loves to come to work every day. This is a fast paced office and we are looking for someone with spirit and ideas to grow with our company. The position has a considerable focus on billing and and date entry. The position also has a substantial role assisting our Dispatchers and scheduling department.…
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Accounting, Copy Paste, Data Entry, Excel Work, Etc

Eeryday I work in laptop... I used Excel.. my typing speed is very clear and fast. I also have experience of Accounting, taxation and management..
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Ad Campaign Project Management

We're looking for an experienced social media marketer to create/build out our social media campaigns. We need help with ongoing projects. Project deliverables: - Create engaging content to generate interest and virality for the campaign - Interact with comments and solve any inbound issues - Only reporting required will be analytics to the owner Skills this project requires: - Experience managing social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - Fluent English - Use of excel and/or google sheets. Most communicating and…
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