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Electrical Engineering

Job Description: Entry Level Electrical Engineer We seek an entry-level electrical engineer to join our new electrical team at Petersen Engineering. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a sought after and progressive engineering design firm’s newly created department and learn and grow in a supportive and fast-paced environment. The individual will work on a project team producing engineering documents for a variety of building project types with a licensed electrical engineer and designers. They will be responsible for designing…
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Cyber Security Analyst

Seeking a Cyber Security Analyst (CSA) to provide technical analysis for IA/CS support and integration efforts. The CSA will perform in-depth analysis in various areas and technologies for DIACAP Certification and Accreditation (C&A) / RMF Assessment and Authorization (A&A). Responsibilities Reviews, updates, validates and authors Cybersecurity procedures (SOPs) as required. Reviews and maintains an inventory of authorized software. Reviews and maintains an inventory authorized external (USB) devices and media. Audits and validates configurations deployed on laptops, workstations, and servers. Audits…
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Communicative Technical Support Agent

Stable SaaS provider looking for a technical support ninja that can participate in our professional services initiative. We're looking to increase service levels to our clients by offering assistance with polishing and implementation of our embedded product. You'll be working with our support team, engineering team, and clients to ensure that the best user experience is achieved. Your success will ultimately be dependent on 1) How well you communicate with everyone, both internally and externally 2) consistency and reliability of…
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Need Content Writers To Write Articles For Solar Engineering Consultancy

Brief: Please mention for what purpose you need the content for (Eg Articles for Blog, Content for website's pages (About Us/FAQs etc), Academic Purpose)We need a content writer for our marketing collaterals and blogs. We have extensive requirement of content writing for our variou services in form of blogs,whitepapers, podcast etc. Payment: The content should be fresh and should be free of grammatical errors.You will be required to write about 2-5 articles per week.I will be giving you the Titles and the…
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Wants To Do Reverse Engineering Of An Android App.

We only have the apk file for the app. We want to edit the app to add additional functionality. The app is a free app. URL for file
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NeedLabVIEW Programmers For Writing Application Software For Data Acquisition Systems.

We need to write Application Software in LabVIEW for Data Acquisition Systems related to meteorological Systems. The programmers should have experience in data acquisition systems. Will pay on daily or part time basis.
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Physics Waves Laboratory Report

Hi. It’s a lab report with two parts . One is Word and another is excel . The report is about waves. You have to complete the word file first and write your measurements in the excel file. you have to measure and find equations and complete the report. report is all about waves and it is simple.
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Need SEO White Hat Technique Experts -MEP This is newly developed website that needsSEO.I am looking for an SEO expert who is experienced in WhiteHat SEO techniques. I strictly wantWhite Hat SEO techniques; No Black Hat or Gray Hat techniques. You have to have a university diploma in computerengineering and specialty in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).This website should rank among the top 10 listings (thetopper the better) in the FIRST PAGE of Google, Yahoo, Bing etc as soon aspossible. When somebody search forspecific keywords the search…
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React Native Developer For Banking Project

We are a team of industry veterans who are working to launch a product in the US market for banking domain. We are looking for a react native developer who is:1. Honest: Being honest is the only way to become trustworthy and be reliable to your team. If you are stuck, going through rough time or made a mistake, speak up. It's always the right thing to do.2. Independent: We look for people, who can solve problems and work independently.…
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Using COMSOl To Solve 1D And 2D Problems Using FEM Analysis

Using Finite element Method/analysis to solve 1D and 2D problems in COMSOL Multiphysics. A step-by-step solution-guide is needed too. The problems are divided into 1D and 2D problems. 1) 1D problems: 1D Scattering problem - Multilayered Dielectric mirror 1D Eigenvalue Problem - Optical waveguide 2) 2D problems (extending to 2D): 2D Scattering problem - Dielectric cylinder 2D Eigenvalue problem - Quantum wireI have a report and the solved MATLAB files for better understanding of what to do exactly. It is…
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I Need A Research Paper Writer

I need someone who can write a research paper and then publish the said paper in a reputable journal (not predatory). possible topics should be related to computer or electronics engineering, computer networking, computer science, and the like. topics on issues in higher education are another option.
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PRoduct Data Analyst

Responsibilities Use data and analytics to routinely answer questions on user behavior, including ad-hoc questions, project support, and trend investigation Routinely monitor product, financial, marketing, community, and trust & safety metrics for trends, changes, or unexpected behavior Own investigation and communication of any trends to identify root cause and recommend appropriate follow up actions Translate metrics, investigations, and findings to tangible business outcomes, such as shifts in real member behavior Provide recommendations on approach to answer ad-hoc analytics questions, as…
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Crawling And SQL Injection Detection Challenge

Spend approximately 2 to 3 hours on the challenge, please provide an architecture diagram as well as weare very interested in your thinking when building a solution, the code may use mocks in place of realexternal services. We are interested in solid engineering and would like to discuss your solution uponcompletion.Objective• Download a copy of DVWA VM:• Write a short python program that will crawl the application and detect an SQL injection vulnerability inthe form at: /vulnerabilities/sqli/Things to consider•…
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Scientific/engineering Editing Of A Research Manuscript

My paper is about the derivation and construction of a mathematical model applied to food materials, its statistical evaluation and inferences generated with it.The Analysis section is all mathematics. The other sections are of technical description language. The papre is 6200 words long including ath expressions. I use the academic jargon characteristics of the associated physics and engineering disciplines. I reuire an editor that is very familiar with the technical language who can do the editing job for: grammar menu,…
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Design And Develop A Web Page Using JavaScript/typescript

Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or related field.•Ability to self-learn and use the Internet, books, and documentation to understandand work with a new programming system.•Patience and abilityto read,understand, and modify code written by someone else.•Strong knowledge of basic programming skills, structures, algorithms, OOP.•Work with other developers and project managers to enhance and improve the existing web application.•Provenknowledge of.NET andC#.•Experience building apps using Javascript and Angular•Handle continued testing, maintenance, and updates throughout the lifecycle of the web…
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