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Altium PCB Designer

We are looking for PCB and Schematic Diagram Designer adept at using Altium Designer. Please state in your bid the complexity of the PCB designs that you have worked on, the applications that you have designed schematics for, as well as your hands-on experience in practising DFM / DFA. Begin your proposal with the word "Track". You will be expected to work along with a remote team on AEST day work hours. Your bid will be qualified according to the…
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Chokes Laboratory Report

we are looking for someone to complete our laboratory report. it is all about formulas and calculations . the documents are two . one in word which is description and formulas and the other an exel file to enter the data. the documents are in CATALAN however you can use google translate and you can write your answers in English either.time is only 2 days.
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“Development Of Fourth Container Terminal At JN Port On Design, Build, Finance, Operate And Transfer

One Turkish engineering company bidding for JNPT Project fr technical supervision for Container terminal port and looking for for experience key person. Total required candidate are 3.One Electrical expert(Exp.15 yrs), one Geotechnical expert( Exp.10 yrs) and one Structural expert(Exp.10 yrs).Candidate must have experience in project of port (On shore & off shore terminals,berth,jetties,quays and cargo handling )having cost of 650 cr or experience in project of power,telecom,highway,railways,metro,industrial parks,natural gas,irigation having cost of 1598 cr.
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Electrical Engineering

Job Description: Entry Level Electrical Engineer We seek an entry-level electrical engineer to join our new electrical team at Petersen Engineering. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a sought after and progressive engineering design firm’s newly created department and learn and grow in a supportive and fast-paced environment. The individual will work on a project team producing engineering documents for a variety of building project types with a licensed electrical engineer and designers. They will be responsible for designing…
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Electronic Shopping Trolley

shopping trolley for elder people electronic powered to help with stairs when it is heavy.-speed adjustable- 2 batteries and easy to replace- walk and stairs function ( stair function3 wheels both sides)- not heavy or light- the weather proved (rain, snow, and frost)
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I Need A Pcb Designer

Design, develop and assembled PCB is required for Power Pack with Analog power supply of 12V and 0.2mAmp with ON Delay and OFF Delay Timer. Relay of 12v and 2 CO.Circuit should be pulse protected. Timing capacitor based (0-60 seconds).Circuit should be Non- programmable.
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Kinetic Energy Wristband (proof Of Concept)

Hello We have an idea for a product but would like proof of concept before moving forward. This is a wearable wristband that will harness and reuse kinetic energy generated by movement. We need to understand this from a PCB design perspective.
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Loadflow Program

I am after an object-oriented (C++) script which performs Newton Rapson loadflow. READ THIS BEFORE GOING FURTHER. This project requires electrical engineering fundamental knowledge. Please make sure you understand this before applying. Please demonstrate to me that you understand the requirements attatched in the PDF. THE PDF HAS THE REQUIREMENTS. There are 2 requirements documents. I am after an object-oriented (C++) script which performs Newton Rapson loadflow.
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MATLAB Code For A Proposed Algorithm For Loss Allocation In Distribution System.

Load flow analysis of a radial distribution system with multiple branches needs to be carried out. Using the results, proposed methodology for loss allocation needs to be done. Code is partially done
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Patent Office Action, Response And After Final Consideration Pilot 2.0 Program

I am in need of a patent attorney or patent agent experience in the area of electrical, GPS and mechanical. I have until July 30th, to respond to the final office action. My application has been fairly well scoped, by former attorney who only agreed toconduct the Examiner Interview, prepared a Summary and Recommendations, which will be helpful.
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Rain Water Harvesting, We Need Someone With Good Skills In Programming And Electronics

we have a hut of size 8*8 ft, we need someone to attach rainwater collecting sheets on both the sides of the roof, these sheets must open and close automatically on the command of Alexa/ Google home or any voice command. we want freelancer from Chandigarh or near Kharar region
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Simple Small Circuit

Hello, I need the assistance of an electronic engineer to improve a small circuit, I'll try to describe my project as best as possible. The numbers of the GPIOs below are the actual ones I'm using: -- THE CIRCUIT I HAVE: I have a simple small circuit that connects to a RPI. The circuit is made up of a CMOS555 timer that receives a pulse signal from GPIO-17 to keep the timer from reaching the end of the duty-cycle. If…
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Simulation Of 4 QC Rectifier Using SPWM Sine Wave PWM In SIMULINK MATLAB

Hello,I am looking for a person for Simulink (MATLAB) model development with a good electrical background. I want to develop a model for 4 quadrant rectifier, using SPWM (Sine wave pulse width modulation) control.We can use the simscape library in Simulink.Description of the model1. The input to the rectifier must be single phase transformer with below parameters.Transformer parameters, where we can neglect the magnetizing impedance.i. Primary to the secondary winding ratio: 26.69ii. Primary voltage: 25kV, 50Hziii. Transformer leakage inductance referred…
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Single Solar Tracking

30 pages -----> Review of LiteraturePaper Main focuson Single solar tracking Compare only withfixed and singleArduino Uno PaperNo-4 Page no 5Evolution ofSolar Tracker paper no 8 page 42.3.3 ActiveSolar Trackers paper no 18 page no-17Studyof Sun Position in the Sky-Paper no 9 page no 4Solar EnergyCircumstances of India Solarpower in India is a fast developing-paper 15TABLE I. FIXED SOLAR PANEL paper no 15 page no 5Comparison ofEfficiencies of Single-Axis Tracking SystemII.SINGLE-AXIS TRACKING SYSTEM paper 17Efficiency Of Single-Axis TrackingSystem over Fixed…
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Thesis Help In Electrical Engineering

I need someone who knows optimization and know MATLAB at the advanced level.My thesis is on Energy Management using Optimization technique and I need help in mathematical model formulation and simulation using MATLAB.
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