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Add OTP Process In Django Project

I have a django project now it is working on email verification but I want that it work on phone number, send otp to user, Phone number field is already there you just need to add otp process.
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Astrology Website In Python/Django

Tasks1) Create graphics, HTML Design using Bootstrap2) Implement HTML Design in Framework3) Create Authentications4) Social login/registrations5) Create product/services listings and appointment scheduling, cart, andpayment gateway checkout, order tracking6) Create Backend Admin, Use Google maps API for location data7) Admin Section Admin update whole websitefrom admin panel Arrange users Reports Data viewing 8) Create article space, add/remove/modify articles9) Create kundli charts - Check Astrology with diagrams site - All calculations for dasha, yoga, rashi, house etc in User and…
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Build A Django Web App That Carries Out Sentiment Analysis Front End Only

Brief: The website should allow a user to track tags(eg microsoft, apple) and get sentiment analysis on those tags.Static pages:Login/sign up, User Profile page, Dashboard (More specific detail will be given)Technology Preferences: Django, Bootstrap, Chart.jsRequirements and deliverables will be given in details.Price negotiable.
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Chatbot Development And Hosting

We need a chatbot which will be part of an existing app (android and iOS) and a website all made using react native frontend and python backend.The chatbot will reply by interacting with API or database.Chatbot will be hosted in AWS.
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Converting A Webtool To Desktop Application

A web application has been developed based on Django Python. Currently it involves activating a virtual environment using command line and hosting the local server to access the application. I want to convert this to a desktop app without affecting the functionality. Databases involved is mysql in the application.
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Course Curriculum Design For Computer Institute Which Can Used For Brochure And Web Site

i m looking for a person who can design detailed course content for computer institute for all below mention subjectsservices offered A) summer internship and industrial training modules for College students and industry professionals in1. python2. data science with python 3. data science with R4. machine learning 5. deep learning / artificial intelligence 4. Java5. .net6. c7. c++8. Android/ios9. data structures with c++10. mean stack11. django12. hadoopteach by industry experts with more than 10 years of relevant experience B) subject…
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Django Developer For Sync Script For Project Similar To

Hi, there,I need a django app for my website ( app will synchronize the contents of streaming platforms with our db: movies and TV series. A bit like, but it will be a section of my site.Our db has both the imdb_id and the tmdb_id, so your job is to take the feeds, the API or whatever you can find, and do:1- import the initial availability catalog (only the first time)2 - a script that keeps the synchronization updated…
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Django Developer For Sync Script For Project Similar To

I need a Django script that allows me to replicate the site https://www.staseraintv.comlike section of my website.I need the TV programming of all the channels listed above (Rai 1, Rai 2, etc. ..) for all days that is available.Each channel has detailed programming:Example - IRIS Channel -> channel tomorrow -> channel the day after tomorrow -> link depends on the day of consultation)The tables you're going to make must have:A table of the channels that are in the…
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Django Interview Questions And Answers

I need some one to write answers for the following questions in 2000 words. Only tech writers please who have knowledge about writing technical articles.
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Django Web App That Performs Sentiment Analysis

I need to get the following testing done WITH DOCUMENTATION1.Unit testing2. Component testing 3. System testing 4. API TestingSide notes:- This is a student project so not looking for a full fledged testing and report.- Django testing methods should be utilised.- Any other testing tools like selenium can be used
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E-commerce App For Android And IOS

E-commerce app for android and IOS.backend with django, I am working on backend so I can make API as per your requirement but it is good if you some basic knowledge for database and django. I will give you design and if you know angular then you can create my app through angular also I have angular code for my website.I need a developer for long time means you can create my app then you need to maintain it for…
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Fix Bugs In Django Project And Implement Logging

I have a bug to be fixed on the production server which is working fine on staging server. Apart from this, I need to implement the code to log in the file which will be useful for debugging. The developer needs to have hands-on on the production build of Django project.The price will depend on the size of bug.
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For An Application, I Need APIs To Be Developed Using Django/ Python

Approximately we have about 100 APIs to be created. The backend DB will be Postgresql.The APIs should be based on Django REST API framework and will use AWT based authentication.Sample API is given below./getPermissionsInput as POST{'role_id':2,'org_unit_id':6}Output as REST JSON{"status": 2,"msg": "success","data": [{"menu_id": 12,"is_parent": "Yes","id": 329,"search": false,"edit": false,"menu": "Dashboard","parent_id": "","add": false,"role": 15,"view": false,"delete": false},{"menu_id": 17,"is_parent": "No","id": 334,"search": false,"edit": false,"menu": "Beneficiary Linkages","parent_id": 13,"add": false,"role": 15,"view": false,"delete": false},{"menu_id": 18,"is_parent": "No","id": 335,"search": false,"edit": false,"menu": "Beneficiary","parent_id": 13,"add": false,"role": 15,"view": false,"delete": false},{"menu_id": 21,"is_parent": "Yes","id": 336,"search": false,"edit":…
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Full Time Freelancer Required - Django And Python

Hello -I would like to hire a freelancer who must have expertise in django and phthon technologies. Please contact me if you are available immediately to work on tasks to tasks basis.
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Fullstack Front-end Web App Development

Physical systems can augment their operational efficiency with intelligent AI software. Skylark Labs can fill this gap with their intelligent video analytics systems which can address different physical security challenges. Our systems use cutting edge computer vision and deep learning technologies to identify suspicious events in CCTV or aerial videos. These events can range from objects or individuals of interest, weapons, riots, theft etc. You can know more about us here: are looking for an experienced full-stack developer with…
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