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Analytical Questions Of Supply Chain Assignment

It's an assignment of supply chain. The assignment consists of some analytical questions. I am uploading the necessary files in this page below. Please take a look at the questions and reply to me as soon as possible.Whoever is able to solve these questions, can contact me directly on my email also. Money is not the issue but the priority of completion of assignment is urgent and important.this is my email: [removed]
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Article Categorization - English

We will provide long-form articles to be classified in 1 of 25 different classes. Your job is to pick the class that relates most strongly to the article. is required. Training is provided.
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Assist Me In Data Entry

Assist me in data entry of English language pages the matter of which needs to type just as it is without making any corrections in the spelling mistakes and the punctuation marks.
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Consolidate Multiple Excel Data Files By Time And Date

I have multiple excel sheets with multiple data points in each sheet. The data points on each sheet are organized chronologically. I would like to take the multiple data points from each spreadsheet and combine them together in one spreadsheet w.r.t to time. I want to be able to automate this process. From some basic reading, I believe it could be achieved with EXCEL VBA or PythonFor example, one sheet will have data points logged every 3 mins, say on…
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Create Account And Verify USA Only

UNITED STATES ONLYhello friends,I need a account link create account your self and verified your self (PHONE NUMBER I'M PROVIDED)
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Credit Card Fraud Detection System

Problem StatementImagine you are working for a leading credit card company called‘Cred Financials’. The company continuously monitors its customers’ credit card transactions, be it in any part of the world, to discover and dismissfraudulent ones. The company also has a strong support team to address customer issues and queries.Credit card fraudis defined asa form of identity theft in which an individual uses someone else’s credit card information to make purchases or to withdraw funds from the account.The incidences of such…
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Data Analyzing Expert

I am looking for a data analyst who can analyze a bunch of data in the Google Sheet and forecast the result in the form of charts, text result on G-Sheets.*I am only looking for Indian freelancers.*While applying, Please share the relevant experience.*Don't just copy and paste the proposal.Thanks
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Data Capture And Visualisation

We are looking for someone that has experience with working with visualisation tools such as Tableau and someone who has database management experience and experience of optimising data.
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Data Entry Personnel Required

Your job is to simply enter the shown numbers into the required fields. You'll get $0.10 per entry. 1500 entries is the requirement and you'll be paid after that. It is a micro level job so new freelancers are appreciated.
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Data Entry To Online Store

I need someone to research products online and upload them to anumber of online platforms including my own website which is woocommerce backend. I have about 3 - 4 thousand products to upload and they must be uploaded on all online market platforms which I am registered to.Your task will be....Find product images and descriptionCreate new products on my online market account and websiteother admin tasks required on the websiteYou may also be required to do Excel data entryYou must…
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Data Extraction, Coding Data Processing In C Using FFT And Wavelet

Our Signal: Combination of two frequencies- measuring signal and interference signal (noise)Measuring signal: 10-400Hz variable in steps of 1Hz and is independent of lineInterference signal: Line frequency (50Hz). The signal strength is not constantRequirement: Separation/suppress the interference signal from the combined signal using FFT &Wavelet methods. The coding should be using C or Python and the solution should be applicable forall therange of measuring frequencies mentioned aboveData attached: Samples of 47Hz as measuring signal with 50Hz interference at three interference…
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Data Modelling / Restructuring And Reorganization Across Redshift Tables To Optimize The Performance

Making sure the best type of data structure is being used to store the data in Redshift. Changing some aspects of the way wherein the database is logically or physically arranged to make the database more desirable by improving performance and storage utilization or to make an application more useful in order to support decision making or data processing
Full Description of Data Modelling / Restructuring and Reorganization across Redshift tables to…

Data Processing Executives/Project Management

The Data Processing Executivesprovides a wide variety of general clerical and administrative support for our project. Regular interactions with potential customers and employees will occur. Tasks performed are typically routine in nature and instruction or assistance is received as new or unusual situations arise.Position Qualifications :Minimum education and/or experience:High school diploma or GED.Knowledge, skills, and abilities:Knowledge of:Standard office practices and procedures.Microsoft Suite applications, basic to intermediate level.Skill in:Using computer applications including spreadsheets, data, and word processing software.Operating standard office equipment.Maintaining…
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Database Design And Implementation

I am looking for a database specialist to provide input to aproject I am instigating.My company / website is a realestate website portal in the UK. Weare in the design / develop stage of our project, looking to go live in summer2019.Essentially, we provide a web portal for estate agents toadvertise land based assets they have for sale. We have used Rightmove ( a model for how we have set out our website. The developers are mid-waythrough the development of…
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Diverse Tableau Dashboard Developments

We are looking for a Tableau Dashboard developer to help build a set of dashboards so we can move faster. Most likely, you would buildfour dashboards on the performance of our Loyalty Program. Requirement documents and mock-ups are already mostly in place.Requirement:- build dashboards to user specification, with simple maintenance and data processing routines- compile comprehensive, self-explanatorydocumentation about dashboard architecture and maintenanceUpon satisfactory completion of project, additional projects may be commissioned.
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