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Citation For MCD Engineer Knowingly Making False Report

MCD Asstt comes to the flat (First Floor) of "A" and say he has to inspect the bathroom as "B" the Ground Floor occupant has filed a complaint that there is leakage / seapage form First Floor to Ground Floor roof. He inspected in my presence and satisfied himself that the seapage on the roof of Ground Floor bathroom was from other reason i.,e from water overflowing from the overhead water tanks located above the top floor of the 4…
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Law Assignment Staffordshire University Uk

LAWS62010 - Intellectual Property LawQuestionWould a developing country’s legal system benefit from the implementation of International Intellectual Property Law?Answer with reference to the international instruments and organizations by selecting a case study (any issue from a developing country) of your choice under any ONE of the following topics arising from the first semester lectures;(a)Access to Knowledge and Copyright(b)Indigenous Peoples Rights and Intellectual Property(c)Bio Piracy and Commercialization of Ethno Botanical Knowledge.Guidance –While generally your answer should be based on legal principles,…
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