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Accounting And Data Entry

I am accountant specialist and i have experience with high quality and I know about typing and all these are things like writing design creative
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Administrative/Content Creation Assistant

We are looking to hire 2 full time Administrative & Content Creation Assistants. Duties: -Create content based on client needs -Research topics and generate relevant Questions and Results per instructions -Relay work completed to managers and supervisors -Adjust work based on direction of managers -Research, Select, and Edit Images -Content consists of: sports, music, television, movies, hobbies, all niches Qualifications: -Fluent English speaker/writer -Full time availability -Willingness to learn -Efficient and Hard Working -Fast and Reliable Internet Connection with Back…
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Advanced Copywriting

My company is seeking a creative copywriter to produce content for clients. Our ideal content writer will have an absolute PASSION for creative copywriting! We are looking for an avid writer who has no problem putting on research-gear and start discovering information about the brands we represent. The position requires: -strong reading comprehension skills -attention to detail -ability to follow directions -US resident -social media experience -creative writing experience
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Alien Vs Pokemon: X (Crossover Fanfiction)

I'm looking for someone who has experience with pokemon crossover fanfiction and also has watched all of the pokemon anime (gen 1-7/8) episodes and movies, as well as all alien/xenomorph movies (Alien (1979)-Alien Resurrection) to ghostwrite my planned pokemon and xenomorph crossover fanfiction called Alien Vs Pokemon: X. Plot Summary: When a new hostile non-pokemon species emerges from an extra-dimensional meteorite, the pokemon world tries everything they can to exterminate them! However, these creatures prove themselves to be far tougher…
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Are You A Creative Content Writer?

Our company is looking for creative writers for our website articles.Skills:- Fluent in English- Creative ideas and ability to learn quickly- Knowledge of SEOWe are offering a long term contract with a consistent workload.Thank you
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Article Writing Position

We are looking for a professional content writer with impeccable command of the English language as a big fraction of our clients are native English speakers. We also need someone with a knack for creative writing because some of the write-ups will need to be tailored to specific target audiences and it would make more sense to inject some creativity into it. Our articles cut across various niches; from news articles to product descriptions and even home improvements. All bids…
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Content Writer , Business Proposal, Business Presentations, Project Proposals, Investment Proposal E

Need some creative writing for social media posts and captions(work from home)Content writingis a form of onlinewritingwhich is closely linked to web marketing campaigns. This means creating thewritingwhich appears on websites that are designed to sell or promote a specific product.Content writerswork according to the brief provided fby a client.
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Copy Writer (Part Time)

Good Afternoon, I am looking for an Copy Writer expert that knows how to trigger my audiences emotions to help me grow my business. We will work together and stay in close contact. If you Need help with anything I'm available for you anytime. I will tell you the structure how I like to create the description and ad copy. This way you have a structure on which you can put the copy you create. As I can only hire…
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Creative Story Writing

Looking for transformative and creative writers that can take a simple, straightforward essay and completely rewrite and transform it into a captivating story. The final essay should be exciting to read from start to finish—filled with powerful, emotional language that connects the reader with the author. Additionally, we need grammatically perfect writers and editors. We are looking for candidates that work fast and are able to meet deadlines. There is potential for 15 - 20 essays per week with word…
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Creative Writer Wanted

If you are an efficient person If you are good at discovering the advantages of the product If you have extensive writing experience If your article attracts readers and Make them interested in the product you write If you are responsible and patient for your job… If you are a creative writer, PLEASE JOIN US!!!!!!!
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Creative Writing At A Creative Price

Creative writing is an art form not many can afford so I am going to make it enjoyable for all. For the next few days I will be offering deep discounts on all of my creative writing services so is there a lyric that just might express your hatred of adult life? Could their be that one special someone who you are crushing on anf want to send them that beautiful note? Just ask and it can be negotiated
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Creative Writings

Create life by exploring every single part of the world with words and phrases beautiful joined together. A single word can explain a thousand thoughts and ideas. Creativity comes from within the heart and the soul.
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Data Entry | Copy Paste | Watch Video | Fill Easy Serveys

Require 10 Member for Data Entry Work, Fill Easy Surverys and Watch some Ad Video work follow this url to start your work (Earn up to $3 / 1000 Click min) This Task will Take Max 30 Min
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Digital Content Producers

- Work from home / remote / virtual - NON VOICE - Earn in $$$ - Job security TASKS: - Manage content planning across all social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). - Create creative graphic material for digital use. - Produce written content (social media posts and website blog post). - Edit and proofread a variety of content across all channels. - Learn new and adapt latest social media content and blogging trends. - Produce valuable insights on what content…
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I need a fictional e-book covering life street kids go through. It is an emotional story so I need it to be reflected perfectly. It doesn't have to be real, but must cover the said line of action.
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