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Virtual Memory Manager Paging

You will design and implement in this assignment a virtual memory manager with paging, and thensimulate its operation for each of the following page replacement algorithms: RANDOM (replace arandom page), FIFO (first-in-first-out), LRU (least recently used), LRU-X (replace the page whoseK-th most recent access is furthest in the past; for example, LRU-1 is simply LRU while LRU-2replaces pages according to the time of their penultimate access; LRU-K improves significantly onLRU with regard to locality in time), LFU (least frequently used),…
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Windows 10 Desktop App For Stock Prediction GeneticAlgo, SimulatedAnneal, TabuSearch

You will take 2 open source codes and their documentation. You will use the files to make a windows desktop app. I can give example of gui frontend for you to make for yourself. This app should be multithreaded and capable of using high levles of onboard memory 32gb or higher. Ideally you can activate the gpu cores on the nvidia card for use in computations. You will make avialable all the unique features in the code available from drop…
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