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Full Description of Asterisk PBX,free PBX, elastix, Call Center, vicidial, goautodial, Telemarketing, VoIP

Bootloader For Silabs C8051F120 Microcontroller With UART RS232 Update.

Hello,I need a UART bootloader for C8051F120 Microcontroller.Described in AN778 on anyone has made a simple bootloader for this microcontroller allready, we will pay for it.We need the source code for the future corrections and it needs to work with some kind of Windows Bootloader program for update of firmware.It could be Silabs seiral bootloader data source Program for windows.If code allready exsists, it would be hours of work.Testing and checking if bootloader software works.
Full Description of Bootloader for Silabs C8051F120 Microcontroller with UART RS232 update.

Dockers And Kubernetes. I Need This Job Urgently Within 24 Hrs From Posting

1) Create a very simple APIDesign and implement a simple API in one of the following language:- RubyIt should have a /hello endpoint that accepts an optional argument name and returnsHello !. If no argument is provided, your endpoint should return Hellostranger!.Bonus:- Save the names in a data store of your choice.- Test your code.- Keep it simple.2) Please provide a README with instructions to instal run and test. Dockerize the application and write a docker-compose and Kubernetes deployment for…
Full Description of Dockers and kubernetes. I need this job urgently within 24…

Existing Website Convert Into Wix Format

Savenergy website was written in HTML and Flash five years ago. I would like to use a lot of the diagrams, videos and pictures and Convert content into WIX format. Is this possible? I have another website in Wix and I am able to do update and control my website, which is critical for me.Look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards,Don DeebOwner
Full Description of Existing website convert into Wix format

Logistics/e-freight Software Technical Assessment

One of my friends company has an e-freight software and planning to assess and upgrade the technical stack. Need a highly talented java technical architect having experience of logistics industry. You will have to do the technical evaluation at the centre in Chennai. So would prefer people from Chennai. If you are ready to travel from other cities, most welcome.
Full Description of Logistics/e-freight software technical assessment

Mpc Controller Code M-function Or S-function

I need model predictive controlcontroller code (m-function), because I need the scheme to beoptimized for real-timeimplementation on small, low-costembedded processors (micro-controller);I do not want to use already availableSimulink toolbox.....
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