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4 Wheel Robot Moving On Vertical Wall

I have designed a 3d model of 4 wheel robot in solidworks. This robot moves on vertical wall and motion analysis made. I need to study on different forces acting on wheels while moving and suction pressure generated in vertical wall. Iam in need of following1. Required static and dynamic analysis of robot.2. Force/pressure applied in wheels/suction cup (centre part)3. CFD in solidworks
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Develop CFD Programs To Solve Simple Initial Value Problems.

(1) Find out the equation of motion of the cylinder. The derivation procedure of the equationmust be included in the report.(2) Develop a numerical method for predicting the vibration of the cylinder. The procedure ofderiving the FDM formula must be included in the report.(3) Develop a MATLAB program for solving the problem. The MATLAB program code must beincluded in the report.(4) Keeping the damping coefficient of c = 100 N·m/s, conduct numerical simulations for KC=2to 20 with an interval of…
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I Need Solve Heat Transfer Problem With Use Of Ansys Fluent Software .

I need to solve the heat transfer problem with the use of Ansys fluent software. with 3000-word report writing , no plegerisam.\Please refer attached my pdf file carefully.Due date: 04/06/19
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Modelling And Simulation In Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD

Hello,urgent help is needed !!!! My topic is about MODELLING OF IONIC WIND GENERATION BY A NEEDLE TO MESH DC CORONA DISCHARGE where i already have the model.But there small error and 3modifactions should be done which i will explain in detail later onwards,i really hope that i can find anyone as soon as possible.The time limit will be 1 to 2 days if possible.Thank You in Advance.
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Multiphysics Simulation Evaluation Of Motion Control OF A Soft Robotic Arm

Hi, I'm Alden and im enrolling final year now.Im having diffuclities on modelling and simulation for my project in CFD software .PLus,the cavity of model need to be designed at least 2-3 shapes such as spheres etc.ill explain futher once i hire.I need someone's help to do my project.Its urgent and i need to complete it between 2-3 days.Thank you in advance
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