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20 Weddingwire Comments

I need 20 comments for wedding wire websitetotal reviews need to be 6 long sentence about wedding photography2 post per day10 days jobone day work not accepted !!!you need provide report with names, text, and login info for checkingyou need also to one trial reviews before you hired
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A Static Website For NGO

Design website similar to : Pages WebsiteFront Page - Image Slider, About US, Rotary Category, Video, FooterSecond Page - Project Details + Gallery PageThird Page - Upcoming Events and Meetings and details, Footer - Require continuous updation for eventsFourth Page - Join Us , Contact UsExtras - Pop Up, Image Optimization etc.Responsive websiteSocial Media LinksNeed comments in the code incase of any future changesWhat is the service plan that you provide ?
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Ad Campaign Project Management

We're looking for an experienced social media marketer to create/build out our social media campaigns. We need help with ongoing projects. Project deliverables: - Create engaging content to generate interest and virality for the campaign - Interact with comments and solve any inbound issues - Only reporting required will be analytics to the owner Skills this project requires: - Experience managing social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - Fluent English - Use of excel and/or google sheets. Most communicating and…
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Any Laravel, Php, Jquery, Rest Api, Mysql Based Running Project For Reference

Any Laravel, Php, Rest Api, Mysql Based Running Project for reference with comments required. It will have provision for authentication, authorization, Dynamic Menu Creation, Logging, Exception Handling implemented. Provision to upload images and files with key words and searching of files with key words required.
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Code Review For Java Dev Team Using Gerrit

You will get a set of coding guidelines and access to a Gerrit Code Review System.Your job is to review incoming commits according to those guidelines and clean code principles and add comments to violating code. Questions regarding the comments should be answered in a timely manner.If we are satisified with the result a permanent code review assignement is possible.We expect high quality requirements -not only comments like "should be renamed.." or "should beextracted as..".Day of workandDeadline:05/17/2019Account data and guidelineswill…
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Customised Comments PLUS Likes/Dislikes On A Video (comments Provided)

I need some custom comments delivered to two of my youtube videos (price is per video, so if you do it for both, I'll pay $50).I have the comments with me, on a word document, however, I need them posted on the video across different accounts.I want certain comments to have more up votes, and certain comments to have more down votes. I will let you know which comments I want upvoted.BONUS: I also require likes and…
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Facebook Moderator - Cambodia

I need someone who can moderate our facebook fan pages in Cambodia for our ecommerce company. MUST be able to comunicate in Khmer language, so if you dont speak Khmer dont send an offer.The job is simple, you need to monitor the comments and messages that people send asking for our product, answering telling the details and also take their orders if they want to buy, and then introduce in our system.
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Facebook Moderator - Myanmar

I need someone who can moderate our facebook fan pages in Myanmar for our ecommerce company. MUST be able to comunicate in Burmese language, so if you dont speak Burmesedont send an offer.The job is simple, you need to monitor the comments and messages that people send asking for our product, answering telling the details and also take their orders if they want to buy, and then introduce in our system.
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File Previews With Geometric Image And PDF Tagging

We need a modular and easy to plug file preview feature for our application developed and tagging of images and PDFs while previews. It will be a basic dialog consisting of three parts. First is file preview, the second file details, and comments. The third part is the geometric image and PDF tagging.
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I Need Organic Non Drop Instagram Followers And Engagement

i need organic non drop instagram followers along with genuine organic likes and engagement and interaction on my instagram handle.I need a reach of 40k+ organic followers and organic likes and comments on my posts.i am currently at 17.7k followersi am a menswear blogger from india.only people with assurity and genuiness approach me please.i don’t need fake/bot/ghosts followers or likes just organic
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Looking For An Instagram Mentions Bot.

I am looking for an instagram mentions bot that can:- scrape usernames of followers of instagram pages- scrape usernames of people who liked a media (pic/video)- filter by gender.- mention all the scraped users in the comments of a pic in a profile.the software should work on Macos or web based (possibly)
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Need Sharepoint Developers.

Need SharePoint developers to develop a basic blog with a 2-3 post. Only experienced SharePoint designers are welcome.Actual Task:Project Instructions:Create a SharePoint blog.Manage blog categories.Add 3 – 4 posts.Add comments and ratings to blogs.Manage blog posts, alerts and RSS feeds.Create a List with columns of various data types to track information.Add pictures.Add a logo to the blog.* Feel free to add or modify the blog to make it more presentable using Sharepoint tools.* I need a document explaining what you…
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Onscreen Marking Software/system

OSM (Onscreen marking software)This is software which used to mark the scanned examsscripts from students. The students from different parts of region doexamination from our application then scanned their script by using mobilephone save it in form of pdf or image then send to us for marking.HOW IS MARKEDThe person sits on laptop or computer by using the osm marksthat exams, assign marks and provide correction then send to us.The tools.I.Tick and cross in red color II.Erase For removing comments…
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Provide Examples Based On The Article Longest Common Substrings With K Mismatches,

In practice, a prominent example is required for part one (up to Section 5): the longest common subsequence (maximum k-mismatches) between 2 sequences. Another example is required for the second part (after Section 5): longest subsequence to 1 only mismatch: suffixes of suffixes….I need a written report of 20 pages , for example : 10 pages for one example and 10 pages for another example. Diagram, graphic, schematics can be used in the written report. Link to article : "Longest…
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University Project: Stock Analyzer

This project is a university related submission and we need help with the editing of the actual code. We already have a code which is fully functional, however, we need to change this code such as all the variable names, comments explaining the code and the wordings of the actual code itself as well. We are second year students so we want a basic code with minor changes, not too drastic.This is our friend's code for a project and we…
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