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Email Handling - 20 Hours Per Week

About our company:We are a print and online publisher of articles related to chemistry, biology, medicine, and bioengineering. We work with clients from many different countries who write articles and submit them to our publications. Most of our clients are professors and doctors.About the job:We are in need of a part time email handler to reply to emails in our webmail system using email templates we have created. The job takes around 20 hours per week end pays $5-$8 per…
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Require A Biological Researcher

We are developing a computational tool that will improve making decision-makingin the process of drugdevelopment drug.For this, we need a researcher who will read sentences from biological scientific articles and help our machine understand their contents.
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Research Article Writing

Need to writing the peer review article on the microbiology topics with a collaboration as co-authoring.Please send the proposal for which just the writers expert in biomedical science.Thanks
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The Test Is Based On The Conversation Between Two Doctors Where The Speaker Doctor Is Answering To T

Here’s what you need to do:Q&A Formation1.Prepare questions and answers from each conversation in the transcript file (e.g., 12 conversations= 12 questions and answers)2.Collate every question from a single conversation and categorize them (e.g., 1a, 1b, 1c etc.)3.Present the random conversation scientifically (consult NCBI or Google scholar for clarification)4.Remove duplicate question and answers from the document, and try to merge the answers if the questions are similar
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