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Manual Or Automated QA

I need help testing a web application, I am interested in developing automated tests as well.. the budget is flexible (based on the value provided) and the collaboration may get long term
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Mulesoft MUnit Application Tester Required

We’re looking to engage an individual proficient with Mulesoft MUnit application testing ( to create specific tests for our API's and integrations.If we're able to find an individual with the right skills and ability to deliver, this work has the potential to be ongoing.If this work is of interest, please provide information relating to your Mulesoft (and most importantly MUnit) qualifications and experience along with your rate. * Project specifics and budget to be advised once suitable developer has been…
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NLP/Tagging/Data Management Scheme For Requirements To Output Gherkin

Probably Cross Product of Roles time Objects times permissionsThis is for automated testing of a database application.Basics of Gherkin are here : have been quite a few theses written about NLP to turn requirements to Gherkin, but no tools that I can find. Is there some Amazon/Google/Azure or other service to do so?SQLAchemy to OpenAPI is here : like it should be possible to produce an API from a database schema alone, as well.A good article about OpenAPI to Gherkin…
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