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4 Wheel Arduino Robot Line Following

I need to correct an arduino code line following robot with 4 wheels, color sensor, presence sensor and lcd screenin fact the motor is connected to an arduino shield V2.3I have a color sensor that detects three colors at the start,the colors are displayed on an lcd screen, when three colors are present then the car follows the line until the presence sensor detects an object,if the presence sensor detects an object then the servo motor makes a 90 degree…
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Addressable LED Dimming And Brightening Code; Arduino Platform

I need an Arduino Sketch that will allow me to brighten and dim strip(s) of Addressable LEDs (WS2812) over a long period of time.-The amount of time that the dimming and brightening takes place needs to be scalable up to hours.-LED color is assignable in RGB value.-The color of the LEDs needs to be maintained across the brightness levels.-LEDs need to smoothly transition from full bright, to full off. (flicker free)-Gamma corrected for visual perception rather than linear.)Also Compatible with…
Full Description of Addressable LED dimming and brightening code; Arduino platform

Addressable RGB LED Dimming And Brightening Code; Arduino Platform

I need an Arduino Sketch that will allow me to brighten and dim strip(s) of Addressable LEDs (WS2812) over a long period of time.-The amount of time that the dimming and brightening takes place needs to be scalable up to hours.-adjustable delay of length of time while off or full bright-LED color is assignable in RGB value.-The color of the LEDs needs to be maintained across the brightness levels.-LEDs need to smoothly transition from full bright, to full off. (flicker…
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Arduino Adressibile Led

I need a project done with ardoino and adressibile led strips for it to light up for 49 days 3 led lights per day day 1 the first 3 led day 2 the next 3 and so on and it should work with time and date
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Arduino C Programming Self Watering System

I only require the code for the arduino, as I have all the sensors and parts and can wire it and connect it.The LED display is 4 digit, 7 segment (3461BS)The Light Sensor is an iDuino LDRThe Temperature/Humidity Sensor is a DHT22I am using an Arduino Mega 2560I have a 6-12V DC submersible pump (I am using a 5V single channel relay to limit current)Must be stand-alone, all in one enclosed and neat, portable, no connection to a computer, no…
Full Description of Arduino C Programming Self Watering System

Arduino Code For Automatic Stair Light

i want arduino code for automatic stair light. it contains led strip,2 pir sensor( upstair and downstairs), LDR sensor,arduino uno,relayLED strip will be lit up whenever human presence has been detected through PIR Upstair and downstair accordingly.when upstair sensor will be detected strip will start from upstair and downstair pir will start from satir will wait for 5 min and it will goes off.positive power supply of LED strip can be control through a relay.LDR will detect natural light…
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Arduino Developer Or Expert With Experiance In RS485 Or NRF24L01

I need to help with Project with simple project with RS485/NRF24, project is basically a communication across 7 arudino nano. 2 master will send message to 5 slaves and then slave will response back to requested master arduino. Message will be simple, it will be identifier which Slave need to be contacted and for slave it will be identifier from where message came.
Full Description of Arduino Developer or Expert with experiance in RS485 or NRF24L01

Arduino Development, Boat Assistance System

We are looking for an Arduino software developer for a DC motor and panelcontroller for a boat project.The DC controller is taking serial commands from the Arduino DUE tocontrol speed, direction and measure temperature, volt and current. With gpio 3solenoid/relay will be activated.It also reads with the CAN bus input from the NMEA (a marine specificcan bus) like position, heading, windspeed rudder angle and direction. We willuse the open source library from github for that.A second Arduino Nano 33 iot…
Full Description of Arduino development, boat assistance system

Arduino Keypad Controlled Lock And Other Devices With Lcd 3 Passwords Needed

The components include keypad (3x4), arduino uno, LCD, led strip (WS2812B), 2 servomotors, and UV led. The project is based on the concept of escape room. In first stage, player have to inserted the first password, in order to move on to the second stage.When first password is correct, led strip (2nd stage) will be activated. Player have to figure out the second password and inserted it again using keypad. Once again, if the second password is correct, first servomotor…
Full Description of Arduino keypad controlled lock and other devices with Lcd 3…

Arduino Programmer To Write Sketch For A New Project

Hi, I need a programmer to write me a sketch for Arduino boards. It will include servos, stepper motors, limit switches, touchscreen. It will have a main menu andsub menus, and few other stuff.
Full Description of Arduino Programmer to write sketch for a new project

Arduino Programming And Connections

Hello, I am doing a projectbased on arduino. I need some one to help me with the programming and connections. I will explain all the details in chat. But here is a brief about what i need.I have a Keypad(4X4), Stepper motor (NEMA 23), TB6600 Driver, LCD(16X2), Arduino MEGA, Encoder for stepper motor. I need connection of these. The program should be in such a way that when i enter speed or rpm the motor should move at that particular…
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Automated Grow Box System

Hello, I am looking for someone to help me on a project.I am trying to build an automated grow box system for growing plants indoors.There are already some type boxes like that on the market, like Seedo or Leaf or Cloudponics for example.I want to do my own version of it also. Focusing on the hydroponic system.I have already bought most of the components for prototyping (Arduino Uno Kit and all the pumps, sensors, valves, wifi module, water flow meter,…
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Build A Watchdog Library For Arduino

Existing watchdog software is not satisfying to me for arduino in the long run.for some applications where arduinos are given a tasks and nobody could look after them, I need a library that would be easy to use.
Full Description of Build a watchdog library for arduino

Code Arduino Mega To Control An LED Matrix

Code Arduino Mega to control an LED matrix. 3mm pitch 3x 36x36 screens connected. Project times and hourly rate is not fixed. If the first stage of this project is completed there will be lots more work to come. Our company is Originbase, we are a product design company in Al Quoz that works with freelancers to design new products for the local market
Full Description of Code Arduino Mega to control an LED matrix

Combine And Miniaturized Circuit Design To Be Made Into Printed Pcb Board

Hi there, I am from Malaysia, looking for someone that have ability to design printed pcb board and miniaturized the saiz , now i am developing my project using arduino and sensor but need expert to combine the circuit into single board and miniaturize the saiz
Full Description of Combine and Miniaturized Circuit design to be made into printed…



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