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3 Days Ansys Program

HiWarm Greetings from TechTrunk, HyderabadWe areOne oftheLeading Training & Development CompanyActually, we are looking for the freelancer on AnsysInterested one please reach us @9182275802 | [removed]
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Ansys Model Construction

good dayI need a seismic reflection model for my project. the modelling is simple .. only the 2 top layers of pavement (surface + base) plus a seismic source as a bearing ball and receivers ... please contact me on WhatsApp +60177829383: for more info
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CFD Numerical Simulation Using Ansys Fluent, Applying UDS Function.

writing and compile User Defined Function(UDF) codes in ANSYS fluent. In order to simulate CO2 adsorption properties for Pressure Swing Adsorption cycle a simillar simulation to an attached research paper without considering the temperature effects.
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Design A 1nF Capacitor Using ANSYS

1. You will be required to design a 1nF capacitor using ANSYS. You will have to design the dielectric material, as well as specify the time constant, electric field, charge polarization, and etc.2. You will have to write a 15 page technical report (ready for turnitin 100% plagiarism free) explaining the process as well as calculations, results, explore limitations, and optimized solutions for the problem================================================= You will design with ansys only!=================================================
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Drawing And Report Using ANSYS

Hello!We have an assignment on Civil Engineering. Please check the attachment and let us know if you can handle it and what would be the price.Need to do drawing and report (using ANSYS).
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I Need A Solidworks And Ansys/Fluent Simulation Created

Hello,I'm looking for someone that understands how to create Solidworks/ANSYS/Fluent simulation. Please contact me if this is you.See link for more details:
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I Need Solve Heat Transfer Problem With Use Of Ansys Fluent Software .

I need to solve the heat transfer problem with the use of Ansys fluent software. with 3000-word report writing , no plegerisam.\Please refer attached my pdf file carefully.Due date: 04/06/19
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I Need Someone To Preform Rigid Dynamics Analysis, Joint Forces And Member Stresses On Ansys.

I have designed a clamp on Creo and i need to run calculation on ANSYS. I need it by Saturday 20th, 2019.i will be happy to shear more details and my Creo assembly drawing along with parts.
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Screw Jack Analysis In Ansys

i am currently doing a project on screw jack analysis. i took a manufactured jack from market, took all the values and calculated its overall efficiency. my ansys project is whether i could change the parameters of the existing jack and provide a better solution or efficiency and then compare the results.
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Structural Analysis Using Finite Element Method And Classical Calculations For A Fixed Wing UAV.

Structural Analysis for both metallic and composite structures and systems using finite element method and systems using classical calculations, for a fixed wing UAV.Stress check and justification, concession analysis, fatigue & damage tolerance justifications, test analysis correlation and preparation of certification documents among the deliverable.
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