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A Detailed Overview Of An Online Finance Business

I would like to get a detailed overview of an online finance business:what they offer functionality-wisewhat they offer data-wisewhat they communicate with peoplewhat they consider to be their value addwhat their strategies for monetization areuseful insightsPDFs that matter
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Ad Campaign Project Management

We're looking for an experienced social media marketer to create/build out our social media campaigns. We need help with ongoing projects. Project deliverables: - Create engaging content to generate interest and virality for the campaign - Interact with comments and solve any inbound issues - Only reporting required will be analytics to the owner Skills this project requires: - Experience managing social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter - Fluent English - Use of excel and/or google sheets. Most communicating and…
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Adobe Analytics Dashboard Creation Task

You've been working at the Horizon Mobile Telecom for the past six months. Underthe direction of the executives, you run Reports & Analytics reports and builddashboards with information such as Page Views, Visits, Time Spent on Site, Revenueby Product, and Revenue by Campaign.Your best friend works in Marketing and is the one responsible for the company'scampaigns, but receives little feedback from executives and doesn't have access toReports & Analytics campaign reports.Another acquaintance is responsible for managing the Web site and…
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Adobe Analytics Help Needed

Report- 500 wordsYou have been assigned to produce a new project within Adobe's AnalysisWorkspace aimed at identifying opportunities in optimising your chosenorganisation's user experience.This assignment requires you to develop and share a Workspace project thatclearly and coherently communicates your chosen site's current performanceand make recommendations based on the reported data.You will be producing a project designed to be shared across an organisationbetween your marketing team and executives. Assume that your reader isunfamiliar with web analytics and time sensitive. Anyone should…
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Adobe Analytics Interview Questions And Answers

Adobe analytics interview questions and answersNeeds to write answers for the following questions on the blog. of words : 2000
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Amazon Affiliate Site

Can you set up great looking affiliate sites, WP based? Read to the end before applying please.I am looking for someone experienced in setting up Affiliate Websites - configuring WP themes and plugins for Amazon affiliate sites. I am not looking for someone to try to sell me a custom coded theme.Content, etc will be supplied, I am wanting someone who is a fast, diligent worker who can put these sites together for me, then ensure the content is uploaded…
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An SEO Guru Needed For Keyword Research

Hello freelancers!I'm looking for an SEO expert who can help me with my blogs. I have three blogs in three different niches:Fitness, Weight loss, and nutritionLifestyle and PeopleElectric toolsI need someone to help me findkeywords, blog topics, and ideasand help me take my blogs to the next level. I aim to improve my blog's rankings.If you can perform keyword research then, you're the right person for the job.I'm looking for keywords that have high traffic and low keyword difficulty. I'm…
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Analytics And Reports - Power BI Type Reporting

We have a database and require reports and analysis tool for that data. This is sales data from a POS system that is loaded onto the Web.We are looking for someone that can get to know our system and requirements and can continually support our requirement
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Android Tutorial To Develop Business Analytics App

I need a one to one android app tutorial for a beginner to develop a business analytics app. 2-3 hours a day for 1 - 1.5 weeks. I am based out of Vasant Kunj. Only those who are located in delhi ncr and can offer face to face training can apply.
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Application For Typesetting

Greetings! This job captured my interest. I am an information technology graduate and I have excellent knowledge in wordpress website design and Adobe Photoshop. I can design your website through the popular page builder, elementor and customize it with HTML and CSS. I also have experiences with yoast SEO, woocommerce, google analytics and google search console. I can set up your website from hosting up to deployment. I worked as Typesetter in SPI Technology for 5years. I also attended and…
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Best Converting Droppshiping Store

1.Automated Dropshipping (Ok) 2.Research Best Selling an Converting Products (Ok) 3.Gamefied Site ( need to more bit explain ) 4.Blog (Ok) 5.SEO (Ok but basic) 6.Google, Facebook, Instagram ADS (No, I can not do. You can contact to my Sister) *profitable ads 7.Clickfunnels (No, I can not do.) 8.Mailchimp (Ok just I will connect) 9.Retargeting (I do not understand) 10.Mail funnel (No, I can not do.) 11.Mail List (No, I can not do.) 12.Facebook, Google Pixel (Ok) 13.Oberlo (Ok) 14.Helium…
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BI/ Visualization Developer

We are creating an enterprise application in PHP and requirea BI tools developer with hands on experience creating BI solutions on BITools.We are looking to develop world class analytics, dashboardsand visualization.The work would involve generation of cutting edge dynamiccharts and graphs, comparative heat maps and newer ways to present data.
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Billing System For A Food Processing Plant

The entity leases its premises,machinery to exporters for processing and storage of food products.The Tenents are billed both a fixedamount and also a variable amount based on usage.The variable billing amounts arecalculated based on usage captured from the electricity meter readings.The project will be to createscreens to capture daily usage of the machinery and to calculate the monthlyfixed and variable costs to produce the monthly bill.Reports to show usage by month,variance across months and periodic maintenance schedule for equipmentPlant Performance…
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Building A Live Chat Application For A Website And Its App

I need to build a chat application where the visitor can communicate with the operators live. Live chat features would include;Automatic Greetings, Personal Greetings, issuing tickets, company logo, agent's photo, delivery status, notification, searching keywords within the chat, file transfer, sending audio/video, timeline, chat window theme options.Reports and analytics like basic analytics, chat reports, ticket reports, filters, daily summary, dashboardScreen sharing
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Business Co-founder For Enterprise SaaS Startup

Market research. pitch deck. pitching to investors. building business model. mixture of technical and business skills, can communicate with developers. interface with customers and the public. translate users' needs, requests, concerns, issues into product and business decisions. develop customer acquisition methods. understanding of pricing, a/b testing, metrics, analytics, etc. good experience with marketing and promotion. experience with business plans.
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