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Advanced Algorithm Analysis

Advanced Algorithm Analysisuse VISIO to draw any tree and other solutions1. For a tree T, let nI denote the number of its internal nodes, and let nE denote the number of itsexternal nodes. Show that if every internal node in T has exactly 3 children, then 2n1+12. Insert entries with keys, 2, 7, 3, 12, 5, 20, 14, 6, 11, 8, 15, 17, 1, 19, 23, 14 (in this order), intoan empty:(a) heap. [1 mark](b) binary search tree. [1 mark](c)…
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Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Engineer / Software Developer

About the CompanyZ STRAND is amanufacture of composites and small robotic systems.Website : : ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE/ MACHINE LEARNING ENGINEER Role: SOFTWARE DEVELOPERJob Description:· Proficient in AI / Machine learning·Proficient in one of modern languages like C++, pythonand R·Hands on experience in data structures ,algorithms and design patterns·Hands on experience in un-supervised machinelearning techniques and algorithms, such as various clustering algorithms,dimensionality reduction techniques.·Experience in Computer Vision and ImageProcessing. NLTK, Stanford Core, GATE, spacey etc.-skills: Machinelearning, Java, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence,…
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Churn Prediction On Huge Telecom Data Using Hybrid Firefly Based Algo

to predict churn using hybrid firefly based algo which involves simulated annealing and also compare the result with normal firefly algo to show how much better the hybrid firefly is.
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Combine Dense Neural Network With Capsule Network EM Routing

Literally, combine the Dense Neural Network with Capsule Network EM Routing:Dense Network: Network with EM Routing: work on Linux (GPU)Will further provide with the expected architecture
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Create A MTF Script For Trading View

I need you to take the stochastic rsi script from tradingview and turn it into a multi time frame script that alerts me when the blue line crosses the red up or down. The script needs to have 6 timeframes. Any I choose. The first time frame is based on the close of the candle and the others just when the line crosses up or down whenever that happens.
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Data Structures And Algorithms

Looking for a tutor knowledgeable in data structures and algortihms. More specifically with trees, hash sets, big o run time, and heap sort. All using the java as the main programming language.
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Design And Develop A Web Page Using JavaScript/typescript

Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, or related field.•Ability to self-learn and use the Internet, books, and documentation to understandand work with a new programming system.•Patience and abilityto read,understand, and modify code written by someone else.•Strong knowledge of basic programming skills, structures, algorithms, OOP.•Work with other developers and project managers to enhance and improve the existing web application.•Provenknowledge of.NET andC#.•Experience building apps using Javascript and Angular•Handle continued testing, maintenance, and updates throughout the lifecycle of the web…
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I Am Looking For An Exert Who Can Do SEO, Manage My Existing Google Adwords & Social Media

I want google ranking for my keywords using latest google algorithms for fast fair results, SEO to increase organic traffic and ranking and focused and targeted social media campaigns.
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I Need A Computer Science Tutor In Automata And Turing Machines.

i need a freelancer to teach me fundamentals of automata theory and turing machines. I need to learn about kolmogorov complexity from this book ( ,which requires some fundamentals like partial functions, partial recursive functions etc. I do not have time to go through a complete course on the topic and wanted a crash course.
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I Need A Python Data Science Notebook

I need a python data science notebook utilizing some usual statistical methods like xgboost, and few others. It should have explanatory graphs which can show the analysis in choosing the algorithms. Please apply by stating what data set and problem you would like to work on. You can use a dataset from Kaggle but something recent would be preferred rather than usual problems like house price etc. If you have an already prepared notebook, you can reuse code, but make…
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Looking For A Django And Algorithms Developer

Looking for a Django developer. The project is back-end: Django, front-end: React. So react skill is plus. I am going to test Algorithms skills via interview. Algorithms skill is priority. This is long-term project, so if you can't work full-time, please don't apply.
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Machine Learning Scientist

We are a machine learning consulting company ( We are looking for an experienced remote team member who is interested in a per project commitment that may expand to full time later.You will be working with a team of professionals lead by PhDs. Ideal candidates will have this profile:- expert in data wrangling and using tools for large-scale data exploration- proven track record of ML usage in industrial settings, i.e., how to translate business opportunities to ML problems and how…
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Mechanical Engineering Project

his is a project in Finite Element.. it needs Abaqus software.. should be done in around 8-12PagesYour report should include the following key contents:1. Title page2. Table of contents3. Brief description of objective of analysis4. Description of the methodology which includes(a) the steps/algorithms of calculationsb) Description of mesh5. Analysis results, evaluations and discussion(a) Plot of the nite element mesh(b) Contour plot of displacements(c) Contour plot of stresses(d) Tabulated displacements and stresses at required locations(e) Estimation for errors based on a…
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Need Help For Python Interview

Hi,Looking for someone who is familiar and fast in solving python problems from: related questions around easy level, object oriented concepts , list comprehension , string manipulation, ssh handling, logic driven questions Please ping me if you can solve any questions easy-intermediate level python algorithms, data structures, lists, arrays, trees etc.
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Need Tradingview Algorithm For Pine Script

I have found a strategy I want to use for Forex trading on the exchange Oanda using Tradingview and Autoview. It will be trading 8 forex pairs 4 days per week at a specific time. I have a video that lasts an hour that goes through the entire strategy. Deliverables will be two scripts, one for strategy testing and the other for the actual alert that I will use for live trading.
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