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Advanced Algorithm Analysis

Advanced Algorithm Analysisuse VISIO to draw any tree and other solutions1. For a tree T, let nI denote the number of its internal nodes, and let nE denote the number of itsexternal nodes. Show that if every internal node in T has exactly 3 children, then 2n1+12. Insert entries with keys, 2, 7, 3, 12, 5, 20, 14, 6, 11, 8, 15, 17, 1, 19, 23, 14 (in this order), intoan empty:(a) heap. [1 mark](b) binary search tree. [1 mark](c)…
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I Want A Html Contact Form With Data Stored In Google Sheets

HTML - CSS Form with name,email,pic upload field, when submit it goes to google sheets and saved. need to make the function using php and ajax. when click on submit button, it must show Thank you page.
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Need Help Editing Website Monitor

Monitor that detects changes in websites stock. Need to fix notification setting and add webhook support. The monitor works currently, just need to add notification support via webhook.Something similar to: it has to monitor multiple SKUs and send notification via webhook when a change in stock happens. I can provide source code for the monitor that currently works.
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System For Adding Customers Articles Suppliers And CSV Import Articles

We have a Mysql current database holding:ArticlesArticle groups (categories)SuppliersCustomers(more tables need to be added for doing this project, you are free to create the tables you like and also add columns to current tables)1.--We want simple gui for edit/list/add in ALL this four tables. All fields should be editable.This should be in three separate files for each tablee.g.listarticle.php - list all articles, possibility to open for change or deletearticle.php - edit / change articledbarticle.php - do the MySQL operations, post…
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Wordpress Plug-in Customization Or Creation

ello,Thank you for your interest, please read carefully and ASK ANY QUESTIONS you may have before bidding.---------------------------This is a very good sticky player that uses ajax on the admin to load the songs, songs can come directly from YouTube. (I already own it and have demo site so you can see the admin area)--> I would like to modify it to run like an ONLINE RADIO or you can create anew one for this purpose, what ever is more…
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