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Adobe Analytics Dashboard Creation Task

You've been working at the Horizon Mobile Telecom for the past six months. Underthe direction of the executives, you run Reports & Analytics reports and builddashboards with information such as Page Views, Visits, Time Spent on Site, Revenueby Product, and Revenue by Campaign.Your best friend works in Marketing and is the one responsible for the company'scampaigns, but receives little feedback from executives and doesn't have access toReports & Analytics campaign reports.Another acquaintance is responsible for managing the Web site and…
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Adobe Analytics Help Needed

Report- 500 wordsYou have been assigned to produce a new project within Adobe's AnalysisWorkspace aimed at identifying opportunities in optimising your chosenorganisation's user experience.This assignment requires you to develop and share a Workspace project thatclearly and coherently communicates your chosen site's current performanceand make recommendations based on the reported data.You will be producing a project designed to be shared across an organisationbetween your marketing team and executives. Assume that your reader isunfamiliar with web analytics and time sensitive. Anyone should…
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Adobe Analytics Interview Questions And Answers

Adobe analytics interview questions and answersNeeds to write answers for the following questions on the blog. of words : 2000
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