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Reverse Engineering - 3D Scan Data To Catia

I have 3D scanned data in STL format that I require a sold model in Catia that is fully parametric. The data I require from you will be in Catia and fully parametric based on the 3D scanned data. The Catia data should be within 0.5mm of scanned data. Need to know cost and timing.
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Tracking Pedestrians And Cyclists In A Public Space

I am using a 3D stereo-vision camera (Zed camera) to observe the public spaces consisting of both cyclists and pedestrians in the same space. For this, available models like Faster-RCNN, YOLO can be used for object identification and classification of pedestrians and cyclists. For tagging, tracking and extracting 3D coordinates of motion with each time-step, SORT algorithm can be used.The end goal is to display trajectories of each agent in a 2D plane. A much detailed information will be provided…
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