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2D Designs, 3D Models

Proper and 100% accuracy in my work with calm mind. I'm having 8 months of experience in 2D Designs, 3D Models with Rendering and Floor plans with two or more floors. I'm interested to do all these types of Designs
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3D Designer Freelancer Urgent Need

We are looking FREELANCER for a 3D designer to join an international start-up with huge growth opportunities. You will work on sophisticated 3D modeling tasks and develop various 3D tools.
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3D Image Rendering, Walk-through, Info-graphics

I am a filmmaker and sometimes required freelancer professionals who work in 3D Image Rendering, Walk-through, infographicsetc.I am looking for freelancers who will offer me the best quality of work and at a competitive rate. I will preferredartist from Pune only.
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3d Modeling And Texturing.

I need a person who can do 3d modeling and texturing .It should be a high poly character model. I require 10 models soon. You will be given reference images for each model. You can use any software like z brush , 3ds max , maya.If you are delhi based, then apply.
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3D-Modell: Modelling A Drum From Pictures WITH Texture Raw 3D-Scan Data Is Provided Also

Please provide a photorealistic modell of the drum provided here (mesh low poly, texture detailed): have a simplified mesh, the texture data, all the raw images from a 3D-scan). You can use the provided mesh and texture or modell the object yourself. But it needs to look photorealistic, so the texture must be spot on and good. The mesh should contain about 50.000 to 100.000vertices at max (so it is a low poly). It will be used within an internet…
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3D-Modell: Modelling A Headphone From Pictures WITH Texture Raw 3D-Scan Data Is Provided Also

Please provide a photorealistic modell of provided images here (mesh low poly, texture detailed): needs to look photorealistic, so the texture must be spot on and good. The mesh should contain about 50.000 to 100.000vertices at max (so it is a low poly). It will be used within an internet viewer like this: you for your time and work!Sincerely,Michael BickerPholution GmbH
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3D-Modell: Repairing And Polishing Mesh And Texture Of A 3D-Object .obj, No Closing.

We need a polished version of the 3D-Object provided (Download-Link: means: Nicer texture and mesh if somehow possible. We would really like to see the object kinda clear and good, not as wobble and strange as it is right now. For someone really good with it, it would be doable in about 2-4 hours.You don't need to close the topology to make it 3D-printable : D It is just for show-purposes.The .obj is a bit more then 100mb and can…
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I am looking to hire a cad designer to do floor plans, elevations, ceiling views, 2d & 3D plans for a three bedroom residential building. I am posting this as a fixed price job, but I have no idea if the budget I posted is possible or not. I will consider applications well above the fixed price listed, if necessary. The plans also need to fulfill our County's building permit requirements, which ask for the following: Foundation plan: show dimensions…
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3D Render Of A Roundabout With Statues And Fountains

I need a 3D render of a roundabout with three statues in it and multiples fountains on the periphery.I have a basic 2D image as well as a detailed hand-drawn sketch of the idea with measurements that I can share once we decide to move further.This is for an NGO. So, please only apply with reasonable quotes.
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A 3d Model, 2d Draw, Expanded Views Of Each Piece, Open Archieves For CNC In Dxf.

We need those things:-3d model;-2d draw;-Expanded views of each piece;-Open archieves for CNC in dxf.We need the 2d cut board for CNC. We must use a 3mm woodboard.We need this model of a Da Vinci's machine, with all the components working and the scale can be similiar of those ones below: can feel free to style and design.
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Architectural Drawing For 160 Square Meter Shophouse In Bangkok

Hello, we recently rented a 3-storey shophouse in Bangkok for 160 sqm. We planned on some structural changes and would like to invite architect/professionals to help on architectural drawing. The structural changes are mainly below:1.Add cement grounding on the existing reinforced material board on 2nd floor2. Add partitions wood wall / glass wall for 4 rooms on 3rd floor3. Add glass house structure (about 2 x 1 sqm) at outside area on 3rd floor
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Architecture Simulation - Daylight Simulation, Shadow Analysis And Laminar Air Flow Simulation

I urgently need someone to create:1. Daylight simulation using Revit2. Shadow analysis using Revit3. Laminar air flow simulation using Autodesk Flow Designfor an existing simple small-scale architecture building project.I already have an existing design which I will send you to as an Autocad file.Deadline is 4th May 2019.
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Boy Character Modelling

I am looking For A Simple Boy Model Like in the attachment. Not Cartoon Character, My Budget is Very limited $15, Please check the Attachment and Bid, If it is done well, I two models to work with. Thank you
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CAD Designer To Create 3D Model Of A Powerbank For 3D Printing

Hi, We are looking for a CAD designer to create 3D model of a powerbank.We are making a power bank and we already designed the electronics thing now looking for a 3D printed casing for that.freelancers with relevant experience please contact us.if you have access to any 3D printing companies/labs that is an advantageThank you
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Creating Our Brand Character/s !

We are launching a logistics app that ships cargo from one place to another offering drivers a money-making opportunity. I am looking for an expert to create my CARGO MAN and CARGO MAN(mini) character that will be - made up of containers,cargo,and different types of merchandise that range from 35kg up till 25 TONs.- Animation of character to enable him to talk,motion(movement),facial expression,voice/Tone of the brand - Character must look fit and agile and something that drivers will aim to…
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