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I Need My Shop To Be Furnished

I want a 3ds model of my renovating shop to be done in advance before renovation, as to see how it looks with different colour textures. I have the design in my mind, just want it to get it done in 3ds. Shop is just about 600 sq ft of carpet area. Just 3d model not Animation.
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I Need Product Images To Be Developed For My Website.

I need product images to be developed for my website. The product is mobile case which can be customized by selecting different textured vinyl wrap. To get an exact idea please visit the following link : Same type of images should be developed for my product (Mobile Case). Complete Description : We have 6 phone Brands and approximately under each brand let's consider 10 models. So the Mobile case is available for 60 phone models and all have 10…
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I Need To Design 3d Characters. It Will Now For POC

You will have to create 3d characters with a flow, I will provide you all the instructions for the flow. Quality is most important here, so please create one char and send to me, after that we will start.Document is attached here.
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I Need To Get 3d Package Designs For My Upcoming Products.

I have to get the 3d designs for packaging of some of my upcoming products. The design should be in American harvest brand and match my other products as in the attachment. product ranges are1. Raw Cane Sugar 1 kg2. Red Chilly Powder3. Garam Masala4. Coriander powder5. Turmeric powder6. Black pepper grains7. Appam powder8. Idly/Dosa mix9. Raw Pasta
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It Is A 2 Day Business Summit.

About Trailblazers Summit: From social entrepreneurs to data scientists, corporate giants to visionary artists, tech wizards to warrior monks, Trailblazers Summit is a pool of humanity's greatest minds, brought together by a common desire to share their wisdom with the Trailblazers of tomorrow and push humanity to greater heights. Trailblazers Summit is a 3-day conference where Trailblazing mentors come in to guide and nurture deserving candidates in 4 key areas: career, wealth, healing, and success. To organize this transformative experience,…
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It's Mmo Compatible For 70 Players With Voice Chat. Our Level Designer Backed Of In The Middle

it's an unreal based project for which we need a level. All the height map and game design and every thing is ready but level is not too good. So we want one big level for ue4 about 4 km wideall the graphics work for android will be handled by one of our teammate only level is required
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Landscape Architect In Mall

Good afternoon, I'm running a project for a mall and I need support in the landscaping project.The shopping center is in Portugal, but it will be easy to work from a distance.Thanks for telling me if you would like to collaborate.Regards,Pedro Garcia
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Looking For An Expert In Blender 3D, Animation, Modelling, Rigging

I am looking for an Expert who can create one Game character, This character will have a specific looking - looking for an old, sightly over weight black African man. this character will be imported into Unity for a specific game.
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Looking For An Expert In Grasshopper 3D

I am looking for an expert in Grasshopper, who can create a 3D model of a lampshade for 3D print, with variables I can adjust. I will supply sketches and specifics for size and details. I am an expert in Solidworks myself, but don't have the time to learn Grasshopper for the time being. Please only reply if you have serious skills in, and understanding of, parametric design and feel comfortable in creating almost anything in Rhino and Grasshopper. Looking…
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Looking For An Expert In Product Design 3D, Animation, Modelling

I am looking for an Expert who can create animation video of a our humidifier or air cleaner. Inspiration for this project can be,
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Looking For An Expert In Product Design 3D For 3D Printing.

I am looking for an Expert who can create a virtual 3D Design for 3d printingofa small figurine. 8 cmlength: 4 cm width:proportionally to the rest.+base that provides stability.Thanks for your time!So far for one project, however, in the future I will have several projects to do
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Need 3D Designer For Social Media Posts

A 3D image needs to be created out of a product model for social media posts. The product needs to be matched with the flavour. I have attached some images for references.If we like your work, we will provide bulk work. While contacting, kindly send your work samples of 3D work for social media posts.
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Redesign & Reskin Work

1. Need to create animated models of 3 bolywood actors i tell.2. Complete redesign and reskinning of 2 unity applications(total 3 apps but design work will be same for 2 apps with no diff)3. After complete redesigning app the way i ask to and reskinning you need to oublish it on both play store and app store. Account i will provide.4. Sound, bundle id,package id... everything should be changed and included in this.5. The project will not be marked as…
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VFX Artist,Colorist,Animator ,Video Editor,Compositor,3D Designer.

Hi......... I'm a professional Effect Artist and video editor.Expertise in After Effects,C4D,Premiere Pro,Final Cut Pro,Photoshop,Lightroom. Wanted to edit and create your video.
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