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500 Records Web Research

I have a company name and their country in excelyou will need to find a website link and one email.if not found put "NA"let me know what is website & email for the below company in your proposal otherwise I'll decline your proposal."Cam Cam Copenhagen A/S" "Denmark"Budget: 270Rs for 500 recordsDeadline: today till 11 PM
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A Custom Coded Website For Providing Notification Services.

We are in need of a website in which a user comes to our homepage and pastes theURL link of a product page from amazon/flipkart/Myntra etc. And sets the range forprice at which the user wants to buy the product and get notified when it is availablein that range For e.g. a mobile phone on amazon is available at Rs15000 but the user wants towait and buy it at Rs12000 so the user copies the url link and pastes it…
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A Python Script To Scrape A Website

Hi All, looking for a good developer who coulddevelop a python script which would scrape information from aspecific website. It is very important to make sure the script is written in efficient way in order to:i) minimize number of pings to the web (to prevent ban)ii) script needs to run relatively quicklyWebsite:https://www.skipthedishes.comWhat should the script do:record all the restaurants from the website with all the information about them including but not limited to:- name- address- delivery fee- time range of…
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An Experienced PHP Laravel Developer To Review And Finish A Project That Is Almost Complete.

Need to be familiar with the laravel framework. Necessary code has been written by several different programmers, but needs to be bridged together to work more effectively. Need help in modifying amember dashboard and to make sure the Administrators view is synced up with the members dashboards. The person hired should have encryption and credit card API coding ability. More detailed and specific project info will be provided once programmer skillsets identified.
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Any Web Scrapping Expert

HelloI am making one website and I want to scrap data from one website. 20% work is doneand 80% work is remainingI required freelancer developer who is available full time or part time to work on it.But i want to test first.I want you need to create one demo of the project of scrapping.Let's connect and discuss in detailsIf you are fully confidence on it than only connect with me.Thank you
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App To Repeat Bets From Bet365 On Another Vps

Hi all, i need an app that will repeat bets from, bets being made by my app ( no source code/way to send it, please understand! )you should write a program that will get data from will notice when bet was placed and repeat this bet on another account, there will be few accounts 2-3-4-5for me best way is to make main accounts as server and than additional accounts as clients, but sure i am free to listen…
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Automate Gmail To Create Drafts And Send

HiI want an automated program that opens emails in my Gmail inbox based on a list of addresses, creates a draft (Reply) and pastes a message. I want another button to send all drafts.All actions hould be done via the browser copying human actions.Budget $50Thank you.Screenshot
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Build A Web Scraper In Python Which Can Work Without Being Blocked

I have a list of US addresses which I need to look up on a real estate website and scrap some property characteristics from. I would need the python code to contain the following functionality: randomised IP address; randomised header; multi-threading;headless browser; read from postgres; write to postgres. I need the code to run locally on my machine. Experience required in scraping without being blocked. If successful, I have many more projects I need help with. Thanks.
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Build Database From Linkedin

We need to create database for different products with specific industries of ourtarget audience. We will share the details with person shortlisted.Please apply if you have generated database and mention while applying that how much will you charge per record.We will have ongoing required and we need to build a database of over 1 lakh relevant contacts but that will be done over time.We will begin by sharing a list of 20 companies to evaluate your work.We would required below…
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Building A Web Scraping Tool

Need to automate the web scraping of a specific website and extract items information (title/price/genre/url item page/url item image). Website to be scrapped will require rolling IPs.The tool needs to be able to run automatically daily and send the data in such a way that it can update the database of my website automatically. If this can work with scraperapi that's okay. Happy to hear suggestions on this topic.Details will be provided when freelancer is confirmed.
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Create A Database Of Businesses In Certain Location And Industry

The job advertised is very simple and easy.I will give you a spreadsheet (template) to fill and you will collect as many contact details as possible for a certain (I am expecting a minimum of 1000 lines) - mainly addresses, email addresses, website (if applicable) and service provided.To extract the information you may use any means necessary (google search, yelp, facebook etc).I need saloon in those two locations in the sheet2 sample is on sheet onethe data will be validated…
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Create A Python Script To Scrape And Analyze Text From Static Websites

I am looking to scan S-1, 10-Q, and 10-K filings of companies for specific keywords. Steps involved:1) For a list of company tickers, download all aforementioned form types2) For a list of keywords, analyze each filing and generate meta-data. I can provide more details ...Below are few links that I have come across with useful existing Python scripts.!
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Create Website E Commerce

E commerce website Sell gym suppliment with bitcoin payment and affiliate system Two types of account 1-Marketing It will give him promo code and link If the buyer use it the marketing account related will take percentage ( like 5%)Back and the buyer will take 5% offCan create it through link in the affiliate page that explana the affiliate program payment is in bitcoin for the marketingSo he must add his wallet address 2-Normal account to track order and history…
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Creating 70 Blog Online Daily

Our Job offer for venezuelan Workerwork is simple and easy , daily u need to create 70 of blog website , we will teach u how to do our job.daily work around 6 hours .monthly u can earn USD 30 .
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CSV/tree Data Analysis

have text/tabbed config files very similar to py code. Need to import in to gird or Excel and also perfrom some searching/marking and tracking operation. jQuery looks better option, but it's just utility so any platform is ok including VBA. Any DB can be used but it's not required. We can have quick start call and see if task can be completed in few iterations...
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