Block Chain Developer For A Social Media Site Where Users Can Earn Coin By Interacting

Block chain developer needed to create social media site which reward users. I need the work from A to Z -Create intern algorithm (I will explain you the idea) -Create intern wallet -develop the site -Create the token -Test every thing (I want work without error) -Give me description of the work you do with detailles
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Blog Writing, Ghost Writing, Writer

I am looking to hire someone in the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, Jamaica, Australia or Puerto Rico to produce roughly 25 page word doc report on how self hypnosis can remove mental road blocks in personal & professional development to use on my self improvement blog? Delivery time 7-10days
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Blogger Website Development

Hello i want a blog websites same as https:/ i can pay whatever you want but I want my website Ready in 10 days
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Build A Scraper On AWS (Lambda's)

Build a scraper on AWS (Lambda's) Build an api which will allow us to fetch the scraped data. Build client access keys to the API. Build a simple React FE which will be a dashboard for the client. We will allow clients to auth integrations with their services (more details later). Billing Subscription Management/Invoices
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Build Me A Website

I need to build a website for a client. Please include the following on your proposal: 1. Full name 2. E-mail address 3. What do you charge for a single landing page? 4. Portfolio if available ( a plus but not required) I will then pass this over to my client and you will be contacted if chosen, thanks!
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Buy Domains, Install WP, Adapt Theme And Copy Some Content

Hi there, we need someone to do a repetitive task to create blogs, we create around 5 blogs a week, you would need to buy a domain, install SSL, install theme and make changes, create a simple logo, and copy & spin some articles to it, is a repetitive job however is very simple and can be a few hours a week. It's a job that can be done continuous for a many months if done right/right person. Attached some…
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Coder For PHP/Laravel/Vue Needed

We are looking for a coder with good experience in php, Laravel & vue to join our team. We are developing a web based SAAS system with many great features.
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Complete Half-complete Twilio JS Plugin

I needed twilio peer-to-peer calling with Whiteboard, Screensharing & DataTracks integration in my Wordpress Tutors marketplace. I hired a developer who used JS Library to integrate features first and was planning to wrap it up as a WP-Plugin after development. But he's no longer available now. He completed following 2 features: 1-to-1 Video call & Screensharing While couldn't complete following integrations: Whiteboard & DataTracks* * WORKSCOPE: Integrate remaining 2 features and wrap up the whole thing as a WP…
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Content Writer For Python Flask Tutorial Series Video Series

Looking for a content writer to write the lesson content for Python's Flask Framework.This set of lessons could be centered around a couple of projects that will introduce the Flask and it's core concepts.We want to include all of the core concepts, so this set of lessons should be comprehensive andwill be aimed at beginners who don't have much web development experience.They will all have Python experience. I have a couple of ideas for projects, which we can discuss.We will…
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Costumer Panel Sevice

We´re looking for a developer who can help us to improve our website with some specific tasks, 1. Develop costumer dashboard with some features. 2. Create & enable support dashboard
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Create Website Design

Hello you need to create a beautiful and functional website design for wordpress, make the site quick and easy install everything you need for SEO - configure create logo and necessary pop-up chips)
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Customize Siberian CMS Template In Zend

This is partly web development but also app publishing.Install and configure SiberianCMS is an open source app builder code I want to install on my server. Once installed I’d like to configure it for app building, Billing, support and publishing.After the configuration and successful installation I want to design product demo.Some of these features come with the CMS the CMS also has additional modules that'd need to be installed is based on Zend Framework for the back-end and Ionic Framework…
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Data Intere

I am perfasninal data intere man. I hope you are happy for my Working. But I am a new user.
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Design A Logo With Tag Line And I Also Need A Business Card

I want a logo and business card to be designed for my company "Skill swarm Innovations Pvt Ltd". The company is both product and service based. Currently we are planning for 2 products based out of recruitment and robotics (These products will have separate logos). our services include mobile and web development and HR Consulting. The logo should be classic and innovative with an amazing punch/tag line. We as a company have Google's principles as our vision and respect and…
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Design Wordpress Landing Page

View this to design a wordpress landing page. I need someone to work with for this service.
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