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A VR Developer For A 3d Real Estate Visualization

I need an expert in unreal engine for VR rendering for real estates project. The 3d model will be done on Revit or Archicad. The UE will take the model mesh and will put his talent to make it real rendering.
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Basic FPS Game - Unreal Engine C++

Got to create a basic project in UE Engine (version 4.22+)First Person ShooterMust be created using only C++ (NO blueprints)Minimum payment: $50Minimum project requirements:View: True First Person Camera (full character model except the head)Movements: Moving in all 8 directions, crouching, crawling, projectile shooting with default UE weaponand aiming down sightsMain Menu: 'Play' and 'Settings' buttons. 'Settings' button gets you to key binding for keys described in 'Movements' paragraphGameplay: Player health which can be affected by enemy projectiles and falling+$10 to…
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Creatin Unreal Engine Vr For Interior Design Project

Hello,I have a project of interior design, which will be modelled in 3ds max with Corona engine. So basically, the materials and the objects is ready to import it to inreal engine. I will render it on corona and I will send it to you with the files. So what I need to be quoted is, you will import and adjast the materials in order to match it to the renderings that I will give you. The second thing is…
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First Person Shooter Game - Unreal Engine

Got to create a FPS Game in UE 4.22+ (C++ mostly. Better avoid doing all the work with BP)If the task requires a 3D model, use basic Third Person modelsThings to do:True First Person - Ability to see your body while playingMovements - in 8 sidesJumping, crouching and crawling. Need no animation. Crouching and crawling slows your speedHealth system: Every object isindestructible, normal or procedurally destroyable. If the object is hit by a projectile: If it's an indestructible or a…
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I Need Experienced Unity 3d Or Unreal Engine Programmers

How much would it cost to recreate a game like this example below in VR: I would like to know the cost of the same game without VR, only in first person but keeping the mechanicsUnreal Engine or Unity 3d
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Looking For Unreal Engine BP Programmer Advanced

I'm looking for a skilled BP programmer to help me program gameplay, menus, inventories, animations and morefor about 3-4 months working about 20-30 hours a week.They must have a very wide range of skills in Unreal Engine and have a portfolio to show.
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Need Unreal Engine Configurator

I need an Unreal Engine Configurator for a Construction project.It is not decided yet if we need a windows based application or a web based one.Models are almost ready for you to start working on.Please, place your most competetive bids.(Lower bids+Most realistic samlples will obviously be preferred)Let me see any work you done in Unreal Engine, specially in construction.
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Virtual Accident Investigation Crash Lab Using Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

One the areas of anticipated future development for thetransport safety investigation qualification is in the utilization of Augmentedand Virtual Reality technology to provide access to virtual accident sites as atraining tool. AR technologies could be used to re-create real aircraft/marineand rail crash scenes, i.e., wreckage and surroundings, in a full-scale 3Drepresentation. This will enable investigators to transpose the accident sceneto a different environment without compromising accuracy of the data acquiredat the crash site. Investigators will then have a capability to…
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Want Someone To Develop Software On The Unreal Engine For VR As An Education Centre. Something Can

I want someone to develop software on the unreal engine for VR as an education centre.Something can display plane crashes in virtual reality.Students could investigate the scene and we could use photogrammetry for high precision graphic.Students could investigate the scene and we could use photogrammetry for high precision graphic.It's need some technical requirements to develop some 3 assets.
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