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2-Assignment - 9180-educ-5240-T2-creating Positive Assignment

Create 2-3 page assignmentdeadline Dec 1, 20192-Assignment - 9180-educ-5240-T2-creating positive assignmentChoose two discipline theorists and their models from your readings. Be sure that they are from two different approaches. For example, you may choose one from the low-control/guiding model, such as Barbara Coloroso/Inner Discipline; and one from the high-control/intervening model, such as B.F. Skinner/Behavior Modification.Compare and contrast the two modelsbe sure to evaluate both the positive and the negative aspects of eachChoose one model as being the best approach for…
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200 MCQ Questions On Natural Disaster - Landslide, Tsunami, Floods & The Like - Graduates Preferred

1 MOST IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONSInterested bidders are to go through the entire job description before placing the bid. There is a set of conditions that have to be agreed to by copy-pasting the same and making the required changes. This will be the basis for shortlisting. If this information is not available, your proposal will not be considered. Please feel free to ask any question on things not covered in this Job Description. Questions that are vague, indicating Job description has…
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Assessment Writer For High School Online Robotics Courses

eDynamic Learning is searching for experienced assessment writers to create formative and summative assessments for Robotics courses delivered online to high school students. The company produces online courses in a variety of non-core curriculum subjects with a current focus on career-type electives in business, health science, information technology, and sciences. Ideal Candidate Qualifications • Skilled at developing engaging, relevant assessments, especially multiple-choice questions, that address a variety of Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels/higher level Bloom’s Taxonomy (apply, analyze, evaluate, create).…
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Build Client List And Make Them Book Coaching - Meditation

1) I am a spiritual teacher I decided to start with ideal client building first.building my appointment list for reduce suffering and healing the mind. / meditation teaching online live.Marketing specification to increase my dieal client/studentlist. to becomefocused target in use FB messenger should be a cheap tool, I am open to suggestions2) I need somebody to help me copy webinar intro with music, and copy the online teachings. ect.Invitation to free webinar where I contribute to peace in…
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Chinese Translator With Classical Music Background

I have some translation that needs to be done from English into Chinese (simplified), but the translator needs to have classical music background (preferably a pianist as the text are teaching notes for piano music).The attached file gives a sample of the document (only the highlighted parts of the document) to be translated from English into Chinese.The actual main document itself has about 47 pages, but only the highlighted parts, which is about 20% of the document, are required to…
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Cloud Based Distance Learning Application

Project overviewWeb development/AssignmentExpected to be completed byOct 07, 2019Request detailsPre-distance learning sessionThe proposed system should allow:a. The publication of the available courses along with the teachers who are teachingthem, and the allocated time slots.b. The enrolment of the students for the courses they wish to take2.2. Distance learning sessionThe proposed system should allow:a. Notifications to teachers and students when classes startb. Chat room between the teacher and the studentsc. Audio conference between the teacher and the studentsd. Unidirectional video streaming…
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Create 1 Hour Grammer Lesson Plan For B2 Students

Develop an effective lesson plan based on a grammar point. The lesson plan should last for exactly one hour. Create any materials that you will need to deliver the lesson eg flashcards, worksheets etc and include them at the end or attach them separately. You can make assumptions. However, ensure that these are logical and appropriate for the group. Create a lesson plan based on the scenario set out below: Class Profile: Adult Learners You are teaching a mono-lingual group…
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Create Teaching Material For Engaging Learning Experiences

We need you to create material for teaching school students (see target class below). To start, we will need material for any1 chapter of your choice for any subject. It must be fun and engaging for students to follow and learn new concepts.Target class: 8-10thBoard: Any (CBSE preferred)Subject: Any (Maths/Science preferred)The teaching material you create will be used in our educational app. So, it must structured in a way that can be easily added to our app. We will provide…
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Curriculum Specialist To Develop Plan For Online Courses (Scope & Sequence)

We are searching for Curriculum Specialists to develop and to plan U.S. middle and high school career elective courses in business, health sciences, and IT delivered online. We are an educational resource company that delivers digital curricula for Career & Technical Education courses (plus sciences, social sciences, and humanities) appropriate for students aged 11 to 18 years old. Using state and certification exam standards as the foundation for a course, a Curriculum Specialist plans the scope and sequence, table of…
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Design A Teaching Poster

I need to design a teaching poster for safety behaviour in scientific lab. The designer is required to design 4 different posters. If you are interested, please send me some of your previous work. The work will require a designer who skilled in graphics as the poster needs some figures designing.
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Education Through A Well Animated / Illustrated Content

We are a startup Medtech company based in Bangalore looking for high quality 2D and 3D animations for educational purposes. These animations will be based on medical topics, body parts, and illustrations.They must beautify and simplify the teaching process and be neatly finished.Duration : 30 seconds to 3 minutes videosPlace: BangaloreStimulating work environmentPreferential attributes : Motivated, innovative,tactful, enthusiastic candidates.
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English Instructor Overseas

English Instructor(Full Time): Candidate is a recent graduate with a Bachelors Degree - 4 Years(Specialization: Education, Teaching, English Language, Communicationspreferred) . Candidate will have some classroom teaching experience. Candidatewill be teaching university students in Mongolian capital. Accommodationprovided.CandidatesMinimum Requirements:- TOEFL65- IELTS6.0-excellent speaking, reading, writing and pronunciation abilities-teaching degree (4 - years)- someteaching experienceMike MunkhManager of International Partnerships, Projects & Investments Department ( IPPI )Mongolian National University ( MNU )
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English/verbal Reasoning Worksheets

English & Verbal Reasoning questions are to be created based on samples. The freelancer should have previous experience with creation ofVR questions. Someone in the teaching profession or with the right credentials will be preferred as this is a long-term project. Each project will be for 30 worksheets (combinations of VR type questions in each worksheet). Specification and sample questions will be shared with those who will be shortlisted for this project. Thank you
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How To Become An Esl Teacher

Please write the article in a step by step instruction sort of way,For example:after the introduction1. Starting out as an Online teacher2. TEFL Course(For teaching English)3. Other possible Requirements4. Teaching abroad and teaching Online5. Where to start? (our website has a small list of online teaching platforms which you can find at our webpage - )6. etc...I would like to have 3000 word article, but not just in a professional tone, but also friendly and maybe a little(just a…
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How To Become An Esl Teacher Online

We would like to have 3000 word article, but not just in a professional tone, but also friendly and maybe a little(just a little) humor in it as well, it helps to let our visitors feel more welcome and enthusiastic.Please write the article in a step by step instruction sort of way,For example:after the introduction1. Starting out as an esl teacher online2. TEFL Course3. Other possible Requirements4. Technical requirements5. Where to start? (our website has a small list of online…
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