Solve and write the specified synchronization problem using pthread & C.

Task/Problem Description:

Write a multithreaded car park simulator program in C as follows:

1. Five drive-in threads (simulating in-valets) should randomly move cars into the car park

2. Two drive-out threads (simulating out-valets) should randomly take cars out of the car park

3. A monitor thread should periodically print out a map of the car park showing the parking slots and the identities of the currently parked cars in the occupied slots.

You can do this by using one monitoring thread, 5 producer threads (simulating arrivals) and 2 consumer threads (simulating departures) with a bounded buffer (simulating the car park) of integers (simulating cars and car identities). The capacity of the car park (the buffer size) should be supplied to your program as a command line parameter.


• Use Ptread Locks for both synchronization and mutual exclusion.

• Implement mutual exclusion where appropriate.

• Do not remove cars from an empty car park.

• Do not add cars to a full car park.

• Avoid busy-waiting, starvation and deadlocks.

• Each producer/consumer thread must pause for a random period (up to 1s) between parking and/or removing a car.

• Each producer/consumer thread must pause for a random period (up to 0.2s) in its critical section.

• The monitor thread should periodically print out the current contents of the car park.

• Use pthread_barrier_init and pthread_barrier_wait to ensure that all producer and consumer threads begin producing/consuming at the same time.

• Your simulator shall continue working until it is interrupted from the keyboard by control-c.

The output from the monitor thread must clearly show that your simulator is working as specified above. Study the output of your program to check it is operating properly, i.e. cars are continuously parking and leaving, consistently, no deadlock, no starvation, and no busy-waiting.

What to turn in:

1. Your program design document in .pdf form.

2. The fully documented, commented and working C program, in .c file(s).

3. A meaningful sample of your program’s output in .pdf form.

4. A statement report of your observations and comments about your program output in .pdf.

5. All the above in one .zip file, that also includes your cover page and the executable file(s)

Tags: C Programming, C++ Programming
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