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Python Automation Project

Hello -Below is what I want to be done using python3.6.6 & selenium Webdriver1. Open the folder \\ftp\foldername2. enter the login details - which I will provide3. Look for file name FILENAME_YYYYMMDD4. If file with the current date & within a time is not available send email notification usingyagmail
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Python/Selenuim Webdriver Automation

Hello -I need the below tasks automated.For Cron A1. Login to a website.2. go to a provided pageon the website3. Search for a cron job4. if the job is running for more than 55 minutes, click end button.For Cron B1. Login to a website.2. go to a provided pageon the website3. Search for a cron job4. Check if the job has run for today EST time, if yes-quit, if not - hit RUN button. If it is running- do nothing,…
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Selenium Automation For Ecommerce Website

We need to write selenium code for a ecommerce website.A/B testingUsability Testing (User Acceptance Testing)Database TestingUI TestingAPI TestingMobile ApplicationTestingSecurity TestingPerformance TestingLoad TestingFunctional Testing
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