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Research and Technical writer

Hello, everyone please help me out to write something on my research project where some techncology knowledge is required. I am looking for freelancer who can deliver me quality work on my thesis research work....Read Full Description

Academic writing

I have an essay need to do proofreading, I’m major in history of art. The essay is about a renaissance painting....Read Full Description

Hiring for Academic Writing -- 2 - 01/01/2018 02:58 EST

Hi, This is Pragyesh from Megamind Education. We are working in the field of Online Education especially Online Tutoring and Project Help. We have been in this field for over 4 years now and have catered to client from US, UK, UAE and Australia. We are current...Read Full Description

Blog content writing for a climbing website

We'd like to create more valuable content to our costumers using our website. Its important that you have a relation to the climbing environment. Can be you are sports climbing indoor or outdoors or are doing bouldering in you spare time. A few examples o...Read Full Description

lil project

all the details will be in the files, its 8 pages written task, will send more details in the chat message...Read Full Description

E-Business Report Project

A written report that evaluates existing digital processes and systems within the organisational context and offers recommendations for organisational improvements and opportunities for innovation and growth....Read Full Description

Aptitude questions for all Indian examinations

Looking for questions related to prepare students for all common government and non-government competitive examinations both verbal and non-verbal. The questions need to match the ages from grade 6 to bachelor degree and current affairs is an addon.Interested ...Read Full Description

Management report on tesco

Management report on gender pay gap, it's aim, legal regulation, costs and benefits for Tesco....Read Full Description

medicial writing - 02/01/2018 15:41 EST

details will be given in the chat...Read Full Description

political writing

I need you to write a research article.I need you to write a report for something. 2500 words...Read Full Description

Lit review for Phd in education. Topic learning styles. Re-write two lit reviews to make them one. Phd Dissertation.

I was in my PhD program. I got to ABD (all but dissertation) then a health issue of serious proportions derailed me, then we had a death in the family, and threw the PhD out of the window. For now. I am currently trying to shift the work I have done and stil...Read Full Description

an assignment

writing 8 pages, you'll see the file...Read Full Description

political writing

I need you to write a research article.I need you to write a report for something. 2500 words...Read Full Description

Mediastrategy, business analayse etc

See for project details in project description...Read Full Description

Romeo And Juliet Essay

Question: "what is the importance of Mercutio in the play". Very short only 500 - 700 words. At GCSE A standard. Should include, three (to four if possible) points (in PEEL form - Point, Evidence, Explaination/Analysis of evidence, and Link to questi...Read Full Description


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