SDL2 Queue Management System Rendering Fonts And Texts On On Or Multiple Displays

developing languages: C or FreePascal can be ok, no c++ no pythonHere is what a Queue Management sytem (QMS) is if you don't know it: the code ready to use for Freepascal (if you want to use C, you have to find it by yourself): need to create an app with sdl2 to use it on Raspbian running outside startixand be free in the future to use it on other linux operating systems.
The app is a Queue Management System that works in this way:1) at the start it show the number 002) right arrowkey: grow the number of one step, so for exampe ->1 -> 2 -> etc.. till 993) left arrow key: reset the number restarting it from 005) CONFIGURATION FILE:- permit the option to show a letter before the number, so for example then the counter would looks like this:P01,P02 etc...- define the file name name of the true type font font to use (all the used fonts are stored in the same folder)- position of the text in pixel: X-Y- color of the text- dimension of the text- define the filename of the .png file(24+8 alpha) 32 bit that will works as a mask in foreground- give a unique id to the QMS- Every Queue Management System has 3 options:option 1) only show the QMS managed from the arrow keysoption 2) don't show any text produced form the arrow keysand only listen the tcp socket to receive informations to show one ore more QMS on the same display, on the same layeroption 3) show the QMS managed from the arrow keysplus send the configuration and the number to show to one or more devices in the LAN trough the tcp socketnotes:use the layer raspberry framebuffer graphicsdriver 3we use Raspberry Pi Model 3B and B+ with raspbianthe devices will be resetted to the counter 00 daily, rebooting the oswhen needed I will give the link with instructions about how to compile the driver for raspberry GPU
Tags: C Programming, Pascal


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